Hi,,, this is vanniaperumal,,,,completed BE and MBA,,, i am a great fan of tamil cinema,, apart from that,, i am a gr8 fan of thala ajith,, he is my passion and love 🙂 Though i see most of the movies,, i personally started this blog to write review about all the movies which i see:-) I have one policy within me,,, that is,, ” whatever happens i will see one movie per week in theatre”… And i hate to watch movies in pirated cd’s or dvd’s or through internet 🙂

When you are viewing my blog,, please feel free to comment on any post 🙂 because more the comment u make, it will motivate me to write better 🙂


14 Responses to About

  1. karthikeyan says:

    hmmm… cine blog… sounds good… this is very useful for me anna… 😉

  2. muthusivam says:

    dai. About me adi da modha…

  3. Jai says:

    pretty cool blog… keep updating it…

  4. vishnu priya says:

    this is nice. good job.hope everyon can get into this blog n watch d comment n then they can start for d movie i think

  5. niranjana says:

    can u pls post comments abt ninaithale inikkum….

  6. haja says:

    Hi Mr SvPerumal
    I am not frequent watching a movie, rarely going to watch movie. Sometimes for me more confusion which movie i wanted to see, After reading your blog, i have decided before going to watch a moving, i would go through your blog then only i will deceide to go to watch which move In your blog, you have written more than enough about each film status. Even though you are Taala Ajith fan, your judgement is accurate and no any partiality. Carry on your job and best of luck.

  7. Mohamed Sheriff K M says:

    Hey Vannia,

    I have been reading all your reviews and the recent one regarding VTV was amazing.I do believe in your reviews.

    Thanks for your effort in watching few worthless movies to keep us aware about the stories. Keep doing this good job.

    Mohamed Sheriff K M

  8. Arun says:

    dai yeppadi da nee intha websita create panna .
    illa kaasu koduthu website create pannaya

  9. Ravi Chander says:

    Good blog.
    It would help if you had a search box to find your older posts.

  10. anandraju says:

    Your bloga are really good watching movies in your tight schedule every week in theatre is a great thing . it shows you that you like reality than copying . it is a great sense of humor . that is what you are always great man

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