2016 Fitness Review

Running – 1626 km
Walking – 42 km
Cycling – 594 km
Total – 2262 km
10k : 1
Half Marathon: 1
Full Marathon: 3
Ultra: 1 (50KM)
No. of Running Injuries : 0 (2 days complete rest per week and 2 days strength training per week) helped to stay away from Injuries.
Nails lost/dead : 0
Weight Update: I know, I have put up 2+ kg of weight compared to weight as on Jan 1st 2016. Will lose those extra fittings before the next major race.
Shoes Used: Asics Nimbus 17(retired)/ Nike Lunarglide 7(retired)/ Nike Lunarglide 8(currently in use).
Highlights of 2016:
Personal Best(PB) Set:
5k – 00:26:54
10k – 00:57:47
21.1k – 02:09:08
42.2k – 04:57:11
50k – 06:58:52
Expectations for 2017:
As usual first target is to lose weight which will make me run better.(This will be the first point in almost every year’s fitness review). This year i am gonna be serious about it 🙂
Skip Apple device purchase this year, instead spend the amount to setup a basic gym(in runners perceptive) @ home.
Do cross Training(Cycling/Walking) at-least once in a week.
Strictly 2 Full Marathons per running season(with minimum 3 months gap between the both) & be selective in choosing races.
Read a lot of running related books and keep updating my running knowledge.
Btw, Ran 32km this morning @ comfortable pace which can be considered as a 2016 farewell run 🙂
Hoping for a superb 2017 !.. And I wish all my running/cycling/swimming friends an injury free year.. Keep Rocking !..
Note: If anyone is willing to take up running in 2017, please ping me. With my very limited knowledge on running, I will be happy to help you.
Happy New Year 2017 !
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