Fitness Review 2015

2015 Fitness Review
Running – 1360 km
Walking – 133 km
Cycling – 172 km (Touched cycle only during recovery from injuries.. Hoping to make it regular in 2016)
Total – 1665 km
10k : 1
Half Marathon: 2
Full Marathon: 2
Ultra – 1 (50KM)
No of Running Injuries : 2 ( Still Suffering from one)
Nails lost/dead : 0 ( Thanks to Asics Nimbus 17)
Weight Lost: 3 kg (76.9 kg to 73.9 kg)
Highlights of 2015:
PB’s set for 10km – 21.1km – 42.2km – 50km (Even I am not sure when i am gonna break it)
Started Eating Sensible and weight started coming down which in turn made running more easy and enjoyable.. Thanks to Venkatraman Pichumani sir’s 12 week weight loss challenge… Will speak more about it once I reach the target weight)
Chennai Trekking Club ‘s Javadhu Hills Ultra gave me a chance to run beyond 42.2km at a nominal price and it can be considered as the best race i have ever run in my life… Eagerly waiting for JHU16
Ran as a 3 hr Half marathon pacer @ Coimbatore Marathon 2015. It was totally a different experience & felt happy to help many runners to meet their sub 3 HM Goal.
What 2015 taught me :
Listen to minor injuries.. Ignoring minor injuries will turn into major injuries which will make you stay out of action for more than 3 weeks.
Target for 2016:
Stay Injury Free
Lose another 6 kg and get back to my college days weight(68 kg)
Less Quantity – More Quality(i.e be selective in registering for races)
Buy road bike & and ride at-least twice in a week as cross training
It’s almost 3 weeks since i put on my running shoes.. Very sad to end 2015/begin 2016 without any run/walk.. Hoping to recover from knee injury as early as possible and get back on track & start training for Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 16 The Wipro Chennai Marathon 15(16) Auroville Marathon 16
Hoping for a superb 2016 !.. And I wish all my running/cycling/swimming friends an injury free year.. Keep Rocking !..
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