Maan Karate

Maan Karate –> Few movies will have excellent first half and the second half will be exactly opposite to the first half.. Maan Karate falls into that category.

The director failed to blend comedy,action,romance etc., in a proper way.. Most of the time, Siva make us laugh & all of a sudden he turns into serious mode(Climax fight) which is unbelievable. Maan Karate boxer punching skilled boxer & winning championship is too much..

Performance wise, Maan Karate is the best movie for Siva Karthikeyan. He has improved a lot in various departments like acting/dancing/dialogue delivery/body language/dressing..

Siva Karthikeyan’s fans will like it & others can watch it once for the sake of excellent first half + Anirudh’s peppy songs which are well choreographed.

On a general note, I personally felt A R Murugadoss should have written the screenplay along with his story. Debut director Thirukumaran missed to hit the jackpot in-spite of having excellent cast & crew members.

Rating –> 2.75/5

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