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Vijay is back with Jilla after that debacle “Thalaivaa” which faced so many issues prior to release and failed at box-office.. In order to stay away from controversies, they underplayed right from the day of launch.. Promos were very low, trailer released just couple of days before the theater release.. Malayalam super star joins hand with Vijay for the first time.. So how is Jilla? Read the entire review and find out..

Story Analysis:

Sivan(Mohan Lal) is a deadly don of Madurai.. During an encounter, Sivan’s driver lose his life and save his boss… From that incident, Sivan takes care of his driver’s son(Sakthi-Vijay) and in fact treats him like his own son.. Sivan and Sakthi join and do all sort of rowdyism in Madurai. In order to save himself from police , Sivan asks Sakthi to become a police.

At certain point of time, Sakthi wants to stop all these kind of rowdyism and change his father into a good human being. The remaining story is all about the usual cat and mouse game between father & son with one Villain between them.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Vijay played the lead role… After a long time, superb acting/body language/dialogue delivery which looked pleasant throughout the movie. Mohanlal did justice to the role given to him.. I don’t think anyone else can do that role with ease..

Kajal Agarwal played the female lead, don’t know whats wrong with her.. She looked sad throughout the movie and didn’t get much scope to perform. Just danced for songs and appeared in very few scenes. For the first time, Soori wasted .. and infact his comedy irritated.. Sampath played the role of usual tamil cinema villain.. Mankatha fame Mahath has nothing much to do.. Other cast and crew members acted well..

D.Imman’s songs & BGM- biggest asset for the movie… But still, 2 songs placed in wrong position which in-turn increased the length of the movie. In-spite of so many positives, one guy spoiled the whole feel of the movie.. He is none other than Director Nesan. When two super stars join together, story and screenplay should be gripping. But here, looks like he has shifted the basic plot from Dheena.. Wish he had worked out second half better.

General Analysis:

First half was ok.. Second half was very lengthy.. Due to boring screenplay, the tempo went down post interval..

Wish they immediately remove that Jingunamani song, eppo mama treat song and few scenes, so that the whole movie will look short and crisp.. Nowadays it’s very difficult to make audience to sit inside theater for a long duration(3 hrs+)

Over all, ‘okay’ kind of movie which will satisfy all Vijay fans and neutral fans can watch once.

Rating –> 3/5

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