Arrambam is just 70+ days old and still running in few screens… Here comes Thala Ajith’s Veeram with less expectations due to bad songs, mass trailer(not liked by many people), Ajith – Tamanna Combo( which many people made fun) . In-spite of all these issues, Veeram is gonna rock at box office.. What makes veeram special ??? Read the entire review and find out…

Story Analysis:

Vinayagam(Ajith) and 4 brothers live together and their aim is to stay as single till they die. Unfortunately 2 brothers fall in love… In order to get married, all brother’s with the help of Santhanam try to make Vinayagam fall in love with Kopuerndevi(Tamanna)… Few situations make Kopu to fall in love with Vinayagam..

Kopu and her family members are strictly against fights/rowdyism etc.. In order to get Kopu, Vinayagam drops weapon and turns into a good human being and stay for a week in Koppu’s village to attend a local festival..

Few villains try to kill Vinayagam, later he finds out that, they are trying to kill Kopu and her family members..Remaining story is all about how Vinayagam save kopu’s family members and win their hearts as well as Kopu. .

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Ajith played the lead role, I think this is the first time he is doing a village based role throughout the movie.. He did it with ease and carried the entire movie on his shoulder rite from frame 1 to the last.. Tamanna played the female lead, and it’s a kind of comeback movie for her in kollywood after 3 years.. She acted and emoted so well..

Out of 4 brothers, bala and vidarth stole the show.. Santhanam back with a bang and he got so many claps in the first half.. Nazzer played a prominent role… Other supporting cast did their part well..

Music director DSP’s thundering BGM was good.. But couple of songs were bad.. Full marks to Director Siva for perfectly blending all aspects like love/action/sentiment/comedy etc,. and made an awesome movie which will be liked by all segment audience.

General Analysis:

1st half – comedy + romance … Second half – sentiment+Mass.. It’s very rare to see this kind of “Ajith” movie which satisfies all kind of audience.. Go and watch with your family members , they wont be disappointed..

Veeram – A movie to cherish forever..

Rating –> 4/5

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