Irandam Ulagam


I personally love Selvaragavan’s movie… Before watching this movie, according to me, Selva’s worst product is 1000thil oruvan,,, But after watching Irandam Ulagam, I can clearly say ‘IR’ the worst movie ever made by him. What made IR ‘the worst’ of Selvaragavan ?? Read the entire review to know the answer.

Story Analysis:

Current World:

Madhu(Arya) and Ramya(Anushka) fall in love with each other..unfortunately Ramya dies… there ends the current world….

Parallel World:

Maravan(Arya) falls in love with Varna(Anushka).. He tries all his stunt and get married with Varna… Varna doesn’t want to be dependent on anyone.. So she tries to kill herself, But Amma(Treated as god in the parallel world) saves her.. Amma brings Madhu to the parallel world.. Then the conflict starts between Madhu, Varna and Maravan.. In the gap, opponent team kidnap Amma to their place.

The remaining story is all about how Madhu, Varna and Maravan save Amma, How Madhu teaches the meaning of Love in the parallel world.. and what happens to Madhu in the parallel world… forms the climax.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Arya acted well in the first half, but in the second half, he overacted in many places.. Anuskha did her part with perfection.. This movie can also be considered as a female centric film.. Anushka got a meaty role to play than Arya.. Cameraman Ramji can be considered as the backbone of this movie…

Harris Jeyaraj’s songs were good… Don’t know y 2 songs didn’t find a place in such a lengthy movie.. Anirudh’s BGM was ok.. He still needs experience to compose BGM for a movie like like Irandam Ulagam.

Captain of the ship Mr Selvaragavan tried something new.. But he failed miserably to convince the audience with a strong story and a neat and clear screenplay(which can be understood by c-segment audience). Wish he stops dreaming about the different world and concentrate on the existing world…

General Analysis:

First half was ok with the usual elements like comedy, romance etc… the real trouble started in the second half… (i.e) when Madhu reaches the parallel world…

Mr Selvaragavan, when you wish to take risk like this, u should be in a position to produce & release it.. 60 cr’s(approx) is the total budget, don’t know how many cr’s this movie gonna recover..

This movie is not gonna take tamil cinema to the next level.. Remember selvaragan and other directors, tremendous VFX alone not gonna make the movie shine @ Box-office… There is something called as Story and Screenplay.. concentrate on that and make better movies..

If u r too jobless, go and watch the movie,, others pls skip it.. Not worth watching in theater..

Rating –> 2/5

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2 Responses to Irandam Ulagam

  1. santhosh mariappan says:

    nice review, and feel sad for the poor rating…

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