What happens when super hit Billa combo joins once again after 5 years ? Naturally the expectations will be very high.. It’s very tough to keep up the standards set by Vishnu and Thala in Billa.. But this time, they came up with a movie(with social message) which is better than  Billa in all the aspects. That’s the first step of success for Arrambam.

Story Analysis:(Spoilers Ahead)

It’s very simple… Ashok kumar(Ajith) – bomb disposal specialist and Sanjay(Rana) – police officer are very close friends.. During an operation, Sanjay lose his life because of using low quality bullet proof  jacket approved by home minister and there is a huge scam behind this low quality bullet proof jacket which includes home minister himself and some police officers too..

with the help of Maya(Nayanthara), Arjun(Arya) – computer hacker and Anitha(Tapsee) – Arjun’s lady love, Ashok takes revenge on home minister and other people associated with the scam.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Ajith played the lead role with ease.. Be it villain or hero, he did it with 100 % perfection. Arya got equal footage and he did his part well.. Once again Nayanthara is back with a bang.. She continued from where she left in Billa.. Tapsee  was ok but she has got nothing much to do in the movie.. Kishore as angry cop – Mahesh Manjrekar as home minister did their part well. Though Rana appears only for few mins, but his characterization and acting made his impression felt in the movie.

Yuvan’s BGM was ok(no where near Billa) and songs were not impressive. Vishnu Vardhan & writer Subha’s screenplay can be considered as the highlight of the movie.. In-spite of story being so simple, the way they narrated was so good. stunt sequences – simply superb(none of them were boring).  Excellent camera work my om prakash.

Congrats to Vishnu Vardhan for making a perfect multi-starrer(which is very rare in Tamil Cinema) by believing that story and screenplay alone is the hero of the movie. Wish we see many multi-starrer movies in Tamil.

General Analysis:

The movie starts off very slow with Arya’s flash back + song with Tapsee, but once the plot is set, the movie takes off and travel at a gr8 speed till the climax. Very few dragging moments in the second half beginning(Flash back of Ajith) could have been trimmed or made shorter. Other than few logical miss here and there, nothing else can be blamed in the movie.

Over all a perfect Thala diwali treat 2 all Thala Fans & neutral cinema goers too.. Go and watch it.. U wont be disappointed.. Even if you are a non Ajithian- Thala will impress you for sure..

Rating –> 3.75/5


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10 Responses to Arrambam

  1. “””Few logical miss here and there””” – For thuppaki you listed them one by one, why not listing them here 🙂

  2. vanniaperumal s says:

    thuppaki level iku illa thambi 🙂 so no issues 🙂

    • Thuppaki did not have logical mistakes, it was your assumptions. Olunga parkama kathai vittutu iruntha. You are saying that Aarambam has mistakes but why not listing them like what you did for Vijay movie ?

      • vanniaperumal s says:

        adhu ellam kannumu therinja mistakes… but here, in order to rectify every mistake, u need to take another movie 🙂 like hacking bank server,,,, u cant show how they hack 🙂 padam paru apporam pesu thambi 🙂

  3. vanniaperumal s says:

    Quote by Vannia Perumal “What happens when super hit Billa combo joins once again after 5 years ? Naturally the expectations will be very high.” Man 1st who said bill was a hit?, then 2.Ur thala fans only expect honestly no one else

  4. vanniaperumal s says:

    uff… poi padam paru.. apporam pesu 🙂 even neutral fellow sriram liked it 🙂 engaluku ellam sollavea vennum 🙂

  5. Bala says:

    Dunno if it occurred to me alone .. When a few scenes n characters corrected it will be another THANDAVAM movie .. Or at least that is my opinion

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