Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer


I am one of the biggest fan of Vennila Kabadi kuzhu movie… At the same time, I felt a lot for Suseenthiran after watching Vikram Starrer Rajapattai(worst movie ever acted by Vikram).. without expecting anything from Suseenthiran, I went inside the theater and I liked it …

Story Analysis:

The movie starts off with a song followed by the usual college scenes happening between a group of friends.. As usual Karthik(Santhosh) falls in love with Swetha(Manisha)… They both love each other & cross their limits as well.. That makes Swetha pregnant.. There ends the first half..

Rest of the story is all about how the teenage lovers treat this issue/ family member’s perception towards this pregnancy/ whether Karthik and Swetha ‘s love end up in marriage…Answer for all these questions comes in the form of heart breaking climax….

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Excellent acting by Vazhaku en 18/9 fame Manisha.. She has improved a lot.. Debut male lead Santhosh could have done better.. Love expert Arjun(KSY fame) did a fantastic job throughout the movie.. Other supporting actors did their part well.. Jayaprakash and heroine’s mother stood out from the rest with their superb acting..

Yuvan’s songs and BGM can be considered as the backbone of this movie.. Editor Antony did a gr8 job and made the movie look crisp and clear(less than  2 hrs).. Hats-off to Suseenthiran for thinking something different and present the same without adding any kind of masala elements(mere reality).. Wish he makes more movies of this this kind & not like Rajapattai…

General Analysis:

Yet another fantastic small budget movie with a refreshing script + heart breaking climax… Go and Watch it..

Rating–> 3.5/5


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