Story Analysis:

It’s very much simple story…. Anna(SathyaRaj) is a don of Mumbai. Tamil speaking people consider him as a godfather.. Anna happens to kill enemy Badhra by leaving his son(Bheema) alive.. Anna wants his Son(Vishwa-Vijay) to stay away from all of his illegal activities/don life.. So, he send him to Australia.. Situation makes Vishwa to land in Mumbai.. Rest of the story is the usual cat & and mouse game between Vishwa & Bheema with some twists in the climax & finally our hero wins and become a leader.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Vijay did his part well.. Be it dance/comedy/fight etc.. He just rocked.. But in the second half, after taking the power in his hands, a kind of aggressiveness was totally missing in his face.. Amala Paul just appeared in songs and few scenes, but her voice over modulation was not good and it didn’t suit her & it was very difficult to accept her as a police officer. After a long time, Satyaraj got a meaty role to play and he did it with perfection. As usual Santhanam did his part well with his trademark one liners..He helped to keep the first half engaging…

Excellent Songs and BGM by GV Prakash.. Yaar indha Sallai ooram & Vaanganna Vanakkam anna – choreography super.. Too good camera work by Nirav Shah.. Editor Antony tried hard to make the movie look sleek and short.. But due to A.L Vijay’s wafer thin story and screenplay, the movie looked like a 3 hrs mega serial..

General Analysis:

Nothing wrong with the first half… Santhanam+Amala Paul+Songs+Romance made the 1st half look more commercial… Interval twist was good… But then as soon as the second half started, the movie crawled at the speed of 1 kmph.. It was too slow.. Not much of story as well as screenplay.. Towards the end, it really tested my patience..

I personally felt that Director Vijay failed to utilize Vijay in a proper way.. If the director had put in some extra effort in the second half, then the movie would have been gr8 entertainer..

Vijay fans might like it.. But at the same time, this movie is not bad as Kuruvi/Sura/Vettaikaran etc…

Thalaivaa – Failed To Lead..

Rating –> 2.75/5

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