Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga


Story Analysis:

2 friends namely Kesavan(Vimal) & Murugan(Shiva Karthikeyan) are very close to each other right  from their childhood. As usual they are jobless and they spend their time by roaming in streets and drinking with friends.. Their only aim in their life is to become a politician and make good money without putting in any kind of hard work.

Gals ( Bindhu and Regina) come in their life and as expected they both fall in love at first sight.  In order to get their respective gal friend, Murugan should become a politician and Kesavan should stay away from politics and do some other job. What happens to their dream of becoming a politician??? What makes them to turn into a matured/responsible men forms the climax…

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Excellent acting by Siva karthikeyan , it can be considered as his career best movie…Very good to see him improving in various aspects like dancing, dialogue delivery, comical one liners etc..  Vimal, Soori, Bindhu, Regina and other cast people have justified the role given to them..

Yuvan’s songs didn’t impress me, but his BGM was good.. Director Pandiraj tried to make a commercial movie with 4 people in lead, but he literally failed in many places… He should have concentrated more on the story line.. Climax was preachy.. I personally expected more from the national award winner.

General Analysis:

Both first half was good with some non-stop comedy… Second half was dragging big time with few unwanted songs/scenes and boring climax. Over all, its an one time watchable entertainer which can be watched for the sake of one and only Siva Karthikeyan.

Rating –> 3/5


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