Aadhi Bhagavan


I personally love all the movies directed by Ameer, and he is one of my favorite director.. Aadhi Bhagavan was launched in 2009 and supposed to be released in 2010,, But then, I don’t know the exact reason for the delay, Finally it got released today (2013)..

When movies are kept just like that without releasing for some years, then it will become outdated and it will struggle at the box-office.. As for as Aadhi Bhagavan is concerned, in-spite of releasing after 2 long years, the movie still looks fresh & entertaining..

No huge hype/expectations for this movie due to the delay.. How is the movie?? Is it worth watching?? Read the entire review and find out.

Story Analysis:

The movie starts off with a CBI raid being conducted by Aadhi ( Jeyam Ravi) in a Andhra Pradesh local business man’s home.. He takes all the money/documents and run away to Bangkok. Later we come to know that, Aadhi is a don who is ready to do anything for money. Karishma (Neethu Chandra) , a bar attender in Bangkok. As usual Aadhi falls in love with Karishma.. Later, karishma takes Aadhi to Mumbai in order to make him to meet her father.

As soon as they land in Mumbai, the twist happens and we get introduced to Bhagavan(Jeyam Ravi) a local don with female traits, who looks alike Aadhi.. As the story unfolds, we come to know the reason behind bringing Aadhi to Mumbai (Suspense, which I don’t like to reveal).. Aadhi Vs Bhagavan fight forms the climax & with that the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Jeyam Ravi Played the lead role, Oh my god.. He just rocked and it can be considered as his career best movie. He showed excellent variation between the two characters. Hats off to Jeyam Ravi for accepting this script and doing the Bhagavan character (female traits) with ease.. Wish he selects good scripts like Aadhi Bhagavan in future..

Neethu Chandra played the female lead.. Usually tamil movie heroines appear in songs and run behind trees along with heros.. But this gal smokes on screen, fights with hero in the climax & this explains her characterization in this movie.. Very bold and matured performance by Neethu..

As usual Yuvan spoiled the party with his hopeless songs.. But his BGM was good.. Excellent camera work and editing.. No comments about Ameer, he tried his level best to do something different and he succeeded in it by making a neat & entertaining action packed movie.

General Analysis:

First half was too slow with unwanted songs in many places, but the pre-interval scene (intro of Baghavan) was chanceless.. The crowd just went crazy for the particular scene. Second half was too fast and the tempo kept on increasing till the climax fight.

The only drawback that I found was, the fight scenes were very lengthy & it contained more violence. That should have been avoided, but still action movie lovers will like it. May be few family audience won’t prefer such kind of violence in a movie.

Over all, Aadhi Bhagavan is a decent movie, which is worth watching once & I am sure you will fall in love with Bhagavan’s characterization as well as Neethu Chandra’s bold act. Go & watch it immediately..

Rating–> 3.5/5


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