Vishwaroopam – Don’t think I need to give any kind of introduction to this movie.. Thanks to those controversies which made the movie so popular prior to the release..  At certain point of time, all those issues turned as free publicity and they increased the hype/expectation level of the movie.. & Almost every south Indian wants to know what’s so special in Vishwaroopam & I am sure that, all of them will watch at least once..  So Vishwaroopam stood up to the hype/expectations??? Read the entire review and find out..

Story Analysis:

Dr. Nirupama(Pooja Kumar) a nuclear oncologist gets married to  Vishwanathan(Kamal) a kathak dancer with feminine traits and lives in USA.. Nirupama doesn’t like her husband and she falls in love with her boss Deepak who has link with terrorist Omar (Rahul Bose).

Nirupama & Vishwanathan fall into a trap with Omar and later Nirupama comes to know that, her husband is not only a dancer but he has another face too.. As Omar revels the flashback, the story travels to Afganisthan where Vishwanathan is show as Wasim Kasmiri(missing man from Indian Army) giving training to Afgan people.. As the story unfolds, we come to know that Wasim is an Indian spy who helps America..

At present, Omar plans to plant a bomb in USA and distract the harmony of the nation.. As usual hero with his friends and FBI tries very hard & defuse the bomb.. with a dialogue(fight between me and Omar is not over = Vishwaroopam part 2 confirmation) the movie comes to an end..

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Kamal played the male lead.. Excellent acting and he showed good variation in all the three characters which he played.. Pooja Kumar played the female lead, She did her part well.. Her dubbing voice( I think Gouthami’s voice) didn’t suit her in many places.. Couldn’t understand the role  of Andrea in this movie,,, But still she did her part well..

Terrific acting by Rahul Bose as a deadly one-eyed Villain.. Really loved his re-recording voice…  All other cast members like Sekar Kapur and foreign artists did their part well..

Excellent camera work by Sanu Varghese.. Sankar-Eshan-Loy took care of the music,, and their BGM was good & the first song(kathak) was good.. Kamal took care of the directton/screenplay etc etc.. and its his one man show..

Kudos to Kamal for making a movie which is of international standards.. Having said all these, he made some mistakes too which is discussed in general analysis..

General Analysis:

First half was too good… can’t find any problem with it… As the second half starts, the tempo goes down  & many scenes were easily predictable.. As the movie reaches Climax, we happen to see the usual bomb planting by the terrorist and defusing by the hero along with his friends and FBI..

The climax was not convincing.. As kamal wishes to take Vishwaroopam part 2, he left it wide open, In that we will be seeing the clash between Wasim and Omar in Vishwaroopam part 2..

Over all, it’s a decent movie taken by Kamal which should be watched once for the sake of effort which he has put in for the past two years.. If we are not gonna support Kamal… Who else will????

Rating –> 3.75/5

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4 Responses to Vishwaroopam

  1. asdfasdf says:

    pooja’s voice is by abirami of virumaandi fame.

  2. anandkumarrs says:

    While on this, pls read my post on Viswaroopam – “The Dwarfing of Vishwaroopam” –
    Feedback/Comments welcome

  3. santhosh says:

    Salute to kamal sir for this action thriller… Bgm is main adrenaline in this movie as per my view….

  4. Ravi says:

    @Santhosh. I didnt feel the BGM, except using the BGM’s of the songs in the scenes.

    @Blogwritter- Thanks for writing about the film without dicing it as other reviewers are doing in the blogspace. My question is how do you give rating number to a film, as here you gave 3.5/5.


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