I personally like multi-starrer movies.. that’s the only reason, I expected a lot from David and watched the same with huge expectations.. Really disappointed due to various reasons which are shown below..

Story Analysis:

The poster says ” Two lives.. One Name”

Mumbai 1999:

David(Jiiva) a passionate  guitarist  lives in a middle class christian family along with his 2 sisters and Christianity preaching father… David’s only aim in life is to become a lead guitarist and work under a famous music director.. One fine day, Hindu community people attack his father.. That makes David to drop the guitar and take the weapon in order to take revenge..

Goa 2000:

David(Vikram) a fisher man lives along with his mother.. His only work is drink alcohol all the 24 hours a day.. On the day of his wedding , his fiancee run away with another guy.. Initially he hates love/relationship with gal, later he comes across a gal who happens to be his close friend’s fiancee.. As usual he falls in love with her and tries hard to win her heart, in-spite of knowing that she will be married to his own friend in few days..

Fate makes both the Davids to meet each other in the end.. How they meet??? what makes them to meet??? What happens to them?? forms the climax..

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Excellent acting by Vikram,, he did his part well.. But showing him as a drunkard throughout the movie was a bad idea and it was irritating as the movie progressed.. Yet another promising performance by Jiiva… He is getting better day by day..

Apart from the two main lead, other cast people just got very limited screen space and they did their part well.. Couple of songs were good and Goa episode’s BGM was good.. Good camera work by Rathinavelu and P.S Vinod..

General Analysis:

The major mistake which Bejoy Nambiar did was, he promoted this movie as a tamil movie starring Vikram and Jiiva,, but while watching the movie, anyone can easily guess that, Vikram’s entire portion was dubbed from hindi version.. That caused very poor lip synchronization…

As per censor certificate the duration of the movie is around 128 minutes. But while watching the movie, 128 minutes looked like 328 minutes.. Movie was too slow..

There are 3 Davids in Hindi version,, Director should have introduced 3rd David in Tamil version too.. That would have made the movie more interesting..

Really can’t understand the use of Lara Dutta’s episode in the movie.. David fails to fall in any category like time pass entertainer/feel good movie/movie with a strong message…

David – enjoyable in parts,, But it’s difficult to watch the whole movie.. I think, watching this movie in Hindi with E-Subs will be a better option..

Rating –> 1/5

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