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Mani Rathnam is back with Kadal after that hopeless Raavanan… Post Raavanan he started with ponnin selvan,, But it got shelved due to various reasons and he got back to his favorite genre namely Romance.. Songs were huge hit,, His come back movie after 2 years,, So naturally expectations were very high.. Kadal lived upto the expectations??? Read the entire review and find out the answer..

Story Analysis:

Sam(Aravind Swami) and Bergsman(Arjun) meet each other at a priest training school.. Bergsman have an illegal relationship with a lady and Sam comes to know about it.. There the problem starts between.. Bergsman leaves the training school.. Later Sam goes to a village as a church priest..

Thomas (Goutham Karthick) an orphan lives in that village, Sam guides Thomas and make him a fisherman.. One fine night, some unknown persons shoot at Bergsman and Sam saves him,,, In-spite of saving his life, Bergsman put Sam into trouble and that makes Sam 2 go to Jail..

In the mean time, Thomas joins with Bergsman and do all kind of illegal activities.. and he also falls in love with Bea (Tulasi Nair) who happens to live in a care-taking center.. As the story unfolds, we come to know that Bea happens to Bergsman’s daughter..

After few days, Sam comes back to village from jail.. Good (Sam) Vs Evil( Bergsman) continues, how it comes to an end & what happens to the love between Thomas and Bea forms the climax..

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Power packed performance by debut hero Gautham Karthick.. He acted/danced/emoted so well and he has a bright future in Kollywood.. Tulasi Nair played the female lead,, She looked so kiddish and she appeared in limited scenes.. wish she could have performed better..

What a gr8 come back by Aravind Swami,, He stole the show and carried the entire movie on his shoulder.. Good acting by Arjun as well.. Though his characterization looked confused,, he did a brilliant job… Rest of the cast did their part well..

I don’t have anything to say about AR Rahman.. His BGM and songs were awesome.. without ARR, Kadal would have been more bad.. Excellent camera work by Rajiv Menon.. Editor should have trimmed lot of unwanted scenes and made the movie more crisp & clear..

Regarding Mani Rathnam, he spoiled the entire show due to lack of punch present in the story line as well as screenplay.. Wish he takes his own time and bounce back with a quality movie..

General Analysis:

First half was good… The entire problem was with the second half.. They literally dragged with unwanted scenes.. Climax was very dramatic(Mani’s touch was missing).. For the sake of songs and excellent camera work, it can be watched once at your own risk.

Rating: 2/5


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