Story Analysis:

The Movie stars off with a fight followed by an opening song… Then Sakthi(Vishal) breaks up with Roopa(Sunaina) and she travels to Bangkok.. 3 Months later, Sakthi receives a courier which contains a letter written by Roopa and a flight ticket to Bangkok..

While boarding the flight, Sakthi comes across Maya(Trisha) and she helps him through out the flight journey.. As soon as he lands in Bangkok, he goes and wait in a happening place to meet Roopa, but she never comes to see him.. the same thing happens on the next day too.. Later Sakthi meets local cop Muthu Maran (Sampath) and stays in his house..

At certain point of time,  Sakthi comes to know that, Roopa didn’t send that courier containing flight ticket/letter.. Things get worst and Sakthi starts facing so many problem.. Remaining story is all about how Sakthi finds out the mystery behind all the problems faced by him and put an end to it..

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Vishal Played the lead role and he did with an ease.. Excellent body language and Superb eye expression throughout the movie.. For a change Trisha played a different character rather than just appearing for songs and few scenes.. Sunaina has got nothing to do in this movie other than appearing in few scenes and a song.. Villains J D Chakaravarthy and Manjo Bajpai did their part well.. Other characters like Sampath, Jayaprakash etc perfectly fit in the role given to them..

Yuvan’s Bgm was good,, But I did’t like the songs.. Gr8 camera work and good editing and thanks to the editor for making the movie look short and racy.. Congrats to the director Thiru for thinking something different and coming up with a movie which is new to Tamil Cinema..

General Analysis:

First half was good and racy.. Second half was too slow, and towards the end they literally dragged.. Climax was weak/silly.. Being a suspense thriller, they should have avoided the songs and that would have made the movie more racy.. Overall, it’s a decent movie which is worth watching once.. You wont feel sad or feel happy when you leave the  theater…

Rating: 3.25/5

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One Response to Samar

  1. Stalin B says:

    This picture depicts the essence of The Truman Show, but not upto the mark, songs not good…

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