Alex Pandian


If they make  crap movie then, it will be easier for reviewers like me to write a review in few mins without wasting time 🙂 Alex Pandian falls into that category…  And its difficult to write review in my usual way for this movie….

Karthi is a bad guy who does things for money,,, he gets an assignment to kidnap Chief minister’s daughter(Anushka) in order to make the CM to sign in certain documents pertaining to the import of harmful drugs to Tamil Nadu.. with a sudden twist , Karthi changes his mind and tries to save Anushka from the deadly villains,, with a fight karthi saves Anushka and the movie comes to an end..

In between all these things, love happens between Hero and Heroine,,, Santhanam appears in the entire first half and tried to make us laugh.. To be frank, he failed in many places.. Don’t know what for mano bala accepted to act in this movie… Still can’t understand the reason for that very lengthy opening fight… So many  villains just moving here and there in car… I think DSP composed all the songs in few mins,, Worst Songs and Worst BGM…

I can find out ‘n’ number of negative points,, But it’s hard to find out at-least one positive point about this movie…

Biggest disappoint comes from director Suraj,,, With huge star cast, he should have concentrated more on story line and screen play… Don’t  know on what confidence, he directed the movie and producer spent money on this movie…

As I updated in Facebook,

Alex Pandian — >> senseless/hopeless/irritating movie ever made in Tamil Cinema… Career worst movie for Karthi/Anushka/DSP/Suraj… Kindly avoid it …

Rating –> 0.5/5 (0.5 is for Santhanam)


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One Response to Alex Pandian

  1. Arvind says:

    Pa!!! Such a horrible movie, had a chance to watch it (Offcourse not in Theatre!!!) its a whole c(j)hunk of crap!! A complete disastrous bullshit! Wat kind of banner is this??? Karthi + Anushka + Suraj + DSP (Peria ARR) Desi Sounding Percussionist!! Santhanam’s comedy holds life in first half. Completely illogical scenes, screenplay, scenes specifically added for songs!!!

    After a such a wonderful 2012 year for Tamil industry, such a puking movie!! I donot know what got into producer really, after simple,elegant, decent movies like Pizza, NKPK, these’re all no way near!!

    Please do not allow this percussionist for another album. Songs were the same kind with some x,y irrelevant beats!

    A movie worser than vijay movie, maybe for telugu audience! Producer’s brave decision to handle such a team’s commendable!! 😀 not even worth a popcorn!

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