Neethane En Ponvasantham


Gautham Menon is back to his favorite romance genre with a new hero (Jiiva) and a new music director Ilayaraja. He knows how to make romance work on screen at the best and that can be considered as his USP. So how is NEP??? Lived up to the expectations? Can it be compared with highly successful VTV? Read the entire review and find out.

Story Analysis:

Nithya (Samantha) and Varun (Jiiva) are childhood friends who live in a same apartment. They grow up together, play together and fight with each other. There ends the first episode. (Childhood Days)

They both again meet each other in a private tuition and become friends once again. As usual friendship changes into love and finally it breaks up. There ends the second episode. (School Days)

They both again meet each other in a college culturals and become friends and fall in love once again. Everything goes on fine, till Varun becomes serious in life and goes to Calicut to do his MBA, make money and take care of his family members. Due to Varun’s family commitment, they both break up again and there ends the third episode (College Days)

Varun returns back to Chennai after his MBA, he goes in search of Nithya to a village near Tiruchenduer. They both meet each other, and the rest forms the 30+ minutes dragging climax.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

For the first time, Jiiva didn’t impress me. I felt like, he tried to imitate Simbhu/Surya in many scenes. He should have shed few kgs for school scenes. Career best movie for Samantha, she showed variation in all the three stages of life and terrific acting in the last 10 to 20 minutes. As usual Santhanam simply rocked with his one-liners and VTV spoofing scenes. New face Vidhulekha acted very well as Samantha’s friend/Santhanam’s pair.

Ilyaraja’s music was a big let down, to be frank, he spoiled the entire show. Other than 2 songs (ennodu va va, Saindhu Saindhu), none of the other songs impressed me. Camera work was good.

I think for the first time, GVM failed to make a perfect story/screenplay for a romance based movie (NEP). Never expected this from GVM.  When compared to movies like Vaaranam Ayiyuram, VTV, Minnelea etc.. This movie is nothing…

General Analysis:

First half was too slow and second half was too too slow… Once in every 10 minutes a song appears… Why so many songs??? GVM can’t use songs to express everything in a movie… Only very few scenes looked fresh and entertaining, and rest of the scenes just dragged (waste of time).

Effect of GVM being over confident — > Boring cum nothing special NEP movie…

If you are keen to watch this movie, then buy lot of popcorn and cool drinks before entering cinema hall. It will really test your patience. Heaven sake please don’t enter into theater by having VTV in mind. It will disappoint you. Or if you don’t wish to take risk, wait for few more days and watch in TV/Internet by forwarding unwanted scenes.


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