Story Analysis:

Hero (Vishnu) and his friend (Black Pandi) spend their life by drinking alcohol and roam in streets without doing any work — Hero’s parents take him to hospital in order to make him stop drinking—Hero stops drinking and turns into a normal man—He comes across Esther (Sunaina) and as usual falls in love – In order to marry her, hero is forced to do some work and earn money – He succeeds in making money by buying a boat and do fishing along with his father – One fine day he leaves home for work and never returns back home – what happens to him and mystery behind it forms the climax.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

This can be considered as the career best movie for Vishnu and Sunaina. Apart from these two, other people like Saranya, Nandhitha Das, Black Pandi, Samuthurakani, Ram, Vadivukarasi, Azhagamperumal, Thambi Ramiah etc acted very well.

Big letdown by the music director Ragunathan, he should have taken extra care while composing songs and re-recording was OK. Camera work by Balasubramaniam was too good. Kudos to direcrtor Seenu Ramasamy for thinking something different and coming with a movie which has got some social message attached with it.

General Analysis:

First half was too slow. Second half was good but the climax court scene was not convincing. In spite of dealing with a very sensitive topic, director failed to make the screenplay interesting. He should have come up with some solution for the problem, which he showed in the movie. It’s a kind of boring movie, which is worth watching once for the sake of excellent performance by the entire cast.

Rating –> 3/5

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