After giving back to back blockbuster hits, A.R Muragadoss made a mess by making 7am Arivu… After that disaster, now A.R.M is back into action with Thuppakki starring Vijay & Kajal Agarwal (Fresh Combo).

A.R.M + Vijay =??????? (Read the full review to know the answer)

Story Analysis:

Jagdish(Vijay) working as an intelligence officer in Indian army comes home(Mumbai) to spend his holidays. His family is keen to get him married before he goes back to Delhi. Jagdish meets Nisha (Kajal Agarwal) as a part of alliance seeking process, he initially hates her but later falls in love with Nisha.

One fine day, bomb blast happens in a local town bus. Jagdish catches the person who is responsible for the bomb blast, later he comes to know that the person responsible for the bomb blast is just a sleeper cell operated by a leader (Vidyut) who wants to disturb the harmony of the city.

Through the caught sleeper cell, Jagdish comes to know about the future bomb blast plans and he kills all the sleeper cells, which makes Vidyut to land in Mumbai. There the cat & mouse game starts and finally hero kills the Villain & other sleeper cells, which makes the city free from bomb blast.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Vijay played the male lead, he acted very well, danced well, fought well.. In fact all was well. But he should have put in some more effort and built his physique to suit as an army man.  Kajal Agarwal played the female lead,, Nothing to say about her,, she just appeared in songs and so called comedy track between her and Jeyaram. Don’t know who dubbed for Kajal, it didn’t suit her. Jeyaram and Satyan tried to make us laugh but they failed in many places. Vidyut played the role of a deadly Villain and he excelled in his job given to him.

Santhosh Sivan can be considered as the second hero of this movie. Cinematography was world class. Editor Sreekar Prasad tried his level best to make the 2 Hr 45 mins lengthy movie to look like 2 Hr movie.. His editing was good in many places. Once again Harris jeyaraj spoiled the pace of the movie with stupid songs (Except google google) , but his BGM was good.

General Analysis:

The movie started off slow with an opening song (career worst opening song for Vijay) followed by comedies, then again a song and it goes on.  20 mins prior to interval, the movie picks up the pace & Pre interval encounter scene was good.

Initial part of second half had some unwanted comedy track involving Vijay, Kajal Agarwal and Jeyaram and a romance song was placed before the climax & it spoiled the pace of the movie. The climax was not convincing.

Note: People who haven’t watched the movie, please skip this part.

Few doubts to be clarified by A.R.M:

1)   Inspite of knowing about the bomb blast (through sleeper cell), which is going to happen in various parts of the town on 27th day of a month, Why Jagdish didn’t inform higher officials and make the security alert in the following places???? So does that mean, Indian army can do what they wish without the support of local police officers????

2)   12 sleeper cells carry bomb and they go to places like cinema hall, shopping mall, food court etc.. 12 army men chase them with a bag, which contains a gun. In a city like Mumbai, how they allow people carrying gun/bomb inside theater/mall??? Won’t there be any security check before entering Mall/cinema Theater???  Ok lets consider, all of them entered through back side and army men executed as per Jagdish’s encounter order. Why police department never cared about the encounter??? Not even a single case and no eyewitness… death is death, be it good person or terrorist, a case should be filed and it should be investigated… Mumbai police just speak in the news channel about the encounter and they forget the incident.

3)   Mumbai is a big city. It contains n number of streets, and our hero finds the trapped girls with a help of a dog… Director sir,, is that scene a part of comedy track or serious one????  So you mean Dog has such a power to find out the correct spot by the smell of a dress????

4)   Till the climax you show hero as a brilliant person who predicts everything in advance and keep irritating the Villain, but prior to climax you show hero as a normal person who obeys villain.. Can’t an intelligence officer find out that the car that he drives as per villain’s order contains bomb???  Is he so dumb to understand the reason behind changing from one car to another car before reaching the final destination (Villain’s Place)?????

5)   Hero places tracking chip inside his hand in order to disclose the location to his police friend. I guess tracking chip is made up of some kind of metal. Before stepping into the ferry, villain’s man does a security check, inspite of using metal detector, he misses to find the tracking chip. ( This is just my doubt, if tracking chip is not made of metal, then how its made??)

6)   What kind of treatment is that?? Just by rotating legs and hands, can a fracture be cured and hero starts fighting with the villain??? (Climax Fight)

7)  What is our hero’s Tamil speaking Police friend ( Sathyan ) doing in casual dress through out the movie????

If you ignore all the above-mentioned logical flaws, the movie can be watched once for sure. This movie will be a visual treat for Vijay Fans. Other’s don’t see logic while watching the movie and you might like it .

Rating: 3.25/5


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8 Responses to Thuppakki

  1. 1) haven’t you tamil movies so far ?
    2) It was city called Mumbai, people entered railway station with machine gun. Taj hotel with machine gun.
    3) You should be asking Indian/America/Interpol. How can dogs smell and find people in cities.
    4) Yaanaikkum adi sarukkum. You didn’t get this doubt, when Ajith leaves the money in Premji’s control ? Or when villains chase ajith for a pendrive in billa ?
    5) Not sure but not metal i think.
    6) Ha ha ha 🙂 Gilli climax parkala ?

  2. santhosh says:

    Tell me where it can be downloaded from internet da…

  3. Saikiran says:

    1. He is a DIA specialist or some kinda secret agent. He has informed the concerned persons.
    2. IT is Mumbai. Things like that happened in the past and it still happens. Watch CNN IBN or NDTV if you get them in VNR.
    3. Ada mutta payale. Even now, there are a minimum of 10 dogs for a single bomb tracking squad. Whenever a CM, Minister or a Governor visits any meeting or a place, only the dogs come first to search the whole area. Kasab had an extra scarf tied with his hanging and the suspects were made to be identified with the help of dogs. scene comedy illa.. ne dhan comedy piece.
    4. Yaanaikum adi sarugum. Even a brilliant n brainy person like you could not expect of any bombs in that particular scene. Hero was so keen in thinking that why does the villian wants him to meet him in person. selladhu..
    5. If you see that scene, the metal detector was never hovered through hero’s hand or wrist. Download it and look at that scene again. The same was taken place in most of the hollywood flicks too. Guess they do not have the technology that you have in VNR.
    6. Did the hero tell you that his leg has been fractured. That is a sprain. Unga oorla sulukku nu solluvanga. Pakkathu veettu aaya kitta kelu. adha apdi dhan edukanum.
    7. First of all, he doesnt come through out the movie. Its hardly 8 or 9 frames. once at hero’s home. next at some net practice. Next in a cofi shop. So, its all casual areas. And he is in mufty. Unga aanjaneya mari toilet ku kuda uniform potu po mudiadhu.

    So, Please stop writing stupid irrelevant reviews. Forum nala decent aa reply panren.
    What you are doing is so damn ridiculous and highly jobless stuff.
    Please stop getting on my nerves.

  4. Sivaraj says:

    Innaiku thaan padam paathen.. You are the one to give the right review about the movie.. Keep the good work going buddy… Rating 3.25 rombave athigam da padathuku..

  5. Lloyd says:

    A completely biased review. Trying to find faults with this movie just to pacify yourself against the utter failure of Billa 2, when compard to this flick.

  6. Saw the movie over the weekend. Why vanni Why ? Expected a better and unbiased review from you 😦 All the 7 points are invalid.

    1) Did you miss out all the points about Sleeper cells ? Did you miss the captured sleeper cell guy escaping the local police ? Did you see the movie ?
    2) If it was a serial, they could have shown police walking in the police station thinking about the encounters for 30 minutes. Probably left since it was not required for the movie.
    3) They start from the place where the cell was deactivated, so it is not from some corner of the city. I think you wrote the review without seeing the movie.
    4) From what i saw, villain had the hero cornered. Even if he is aware he wll not be able to do anything. What else do you think hero might have done ?
    5) Both of us do not know whether it can be detected.
    6) Which doctor said it was fracture ? Anyway one of my friend who suffered arm dislocation mentioned that is how they do it. Why do you jump into conclusions that it s a fracture, and he cured it.
    7) Are you watching serials ? Do you want a 30 minute episode for sathyan’s work ? En machi ?

  7. Also, we expect a unbiased review from your side as we decide on whether to watch the movie or not based on your review. So 🙂

  8. daniel phillips says:

    My friend before A.R.M let me clarify u that cinema runs for 2hrs 40 min in that given time u cannot give justifications for every scene some scenes would go well in paper but in celluloid it wont work vice versa so dont think director does’nt know these flaws but some times u have to go with it i being my self assistant director say this this is not a teleplay to give logic for every scene

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