Podaa Podi

Simbhu’s romance based movie after the highly successful VTV.. Lived up to the expectations created due to superb songs???? Read the full review and find out.

Story Analysis:

A boy meets a gal and the following things happen between them.

Friendship–>Love–>Break up–>Join again–>Get married–>Make kid–>Kid dies in an accident–>Break up again–>Fight again–>Join again

All these problems were caused because of a single reason, it’s like gal wants to learn salsa dance and take part in a competition with another male as dancing partner, which her husband doesn’t like it. After facing lot of problems in their life, they decide to join and dance together. Husband and wife change the dancing style from salsa to kuthu dance and win the competition.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Simbhu played the male lead, he did a gr8 job and thanks for not trying out any finger techniques and for not uttering any punch dialogues. Varu played the female lead. In-spite of being a debut movie, she acted well and her own voice suited well for the movie. VTV Ganesh + Simbhu combo worked out once again. Don’t know whats the role of Shobana in the movie. Gr8 music by Dharan. Looks like debut director Vignesh didn’t concentrate on the script and screen play.

General Analysis:

Boring first half and irritating second half.. Songs pop in here and there.. Few scenes were good.. But on the whole, it’s a kind of movie, which is not worth watching in theater. You can watch the songs later in music channels.


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One Response to Podaa Podi

  1. santhosh says:

    Love pannalama video song sucks totally

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