Cinematographer turned director K.V Anand’s previous movies like Ayan, ko, Kana kandean etc.. tasted a gr8 success @ the box-office. When Ayan team join together and decide to do another movie, they should have made sure that the script is as powerful as Ayan. when the script is half baked, what will be the outcome of the movie??? Result –> Worst movie ever made by K.V Anand.

Story Analysis:

Vimalan and Akilan(Surya) are conjoined twins born to a genetic scientist Ramachandran(Sachin). Ramachandran manufactures an energy booster drink which can be used by kids. After few years, he attains certain level and makes huge profit. Lot of people belonging to other countries try to find out the business secrets followed by Ramachandran.

One fine day, a lady belonging from Russia with a help of language interpreter Anjali(Kajal Agarwal) tries to interview Vimalan and Akilan and get some secrets about their father’s company. Situation makes Vimalan to get to know the mystery(illegal business practice) followed by his father. He also comes to know that, the product which his company makes is not good for the kids health who consume it at the early stage of life.

Due to father’s greediness, Vimalan gets killed. The later part of the story is all about, how Akilan with help of Anjali travels to Ukrania and tries to find out the mystery behind his father as well as the relationship between his father and Russian government. They also get a remedy for the people who are affected due to intake of energy booster drink. With a loooong climax, the movie comes to an end.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

I won’t say anyting wrong about Surya, coz his acting was excellent. He tried to carry the entire movie on his shoulder, but screenplay was a big letdown. Kajal Agarwal played the female lead, apart from doing what a commercial movie herione usually does, she didn’t have anything to do extra. I think Chinmayi’s voice didn’t suit Kajal.  Sachin played his part well.

I think Harris Jeyaraj should take a break from cinema and refresh his mind. Apart from rettai kathirea, none of the song impressed me, so as BGM as well. If he continues to make music like this, then he will disappear like music director Deva 🙂 Another big let down by editor Antony, he should have trimmed here and there and made the movie more short. I think, he didn’t edit the entire second half.

Few lines about the director K.V Anand.. All his previous movies were commercially successful. For a change he tried out something new in this movie, kudos to him as well as writer Subha. Story line was good, cant blame it.. Screenplay spoiled the flow of the movie, especially in the second half. They should have kept in mind like, audience will not sit inside the theater for a longer period of time. 2 hrs 45 mins with weak screenplay was too much for a common audience like me.

General Analysis:

First half was good. Second half was toooo lengthy and in few places , it was like watch documentary movie with Tamil translation. The climax was a total disaster… Y such a long climax???? Logical flaws in n number of scenes. I can point out n number of mistakes made in this movie, but its boring for to write about this boring movie 🙂

If you are a fan of Surya, then you can very well go and watch once for the sake of hard-work which he has put in for the past 1 1/2 years. Others, just go to theater.. watch the first half alone and get back home.

Rating: 2.75/5 ( Below Average )

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