Vikram’s previous movie Rajapattai bombed at box office and it can be considered as the lifetime worst movie for Vikram. On the other side, Director Vijay’s previous films are successful due to inspiration of various hollywood movies or just remaking from other languages. When these two people join together and make a movie, definitely the expectation will be very high. Movie being produced by UTV, as usual they gave unnecessary hype prior to release.. Does it live up-to the expectations???? The answer is “NO” due to various reasons…

Story Analysis:

The movie started off with a bomb blast happening at London, followed by scenes in which blind man kenny(Vikram) kills many people one by one. London police with help of Tamil police officer veerakathi(Nasser) tries to find-out the person behind the murder. Unfortunately Taxi Driver(Santhanam) and MS London(Amy Jackson) gets themselves associated with Kenny’s killing activities.

As the story unfolds, they show the flashback which happens @ Thanjavur in which Siva(Vikram) gets married to an eye doctor namely Meena(Anuskha). After marriage they live in Delhi. Sarath(Jagapathi Babu) happens to be siva’s close friend and they both work as the most powerful intelligence officer of India.

Sarath takes up an assignment to find-out the foreigner who has the flowchart which shows the easiest way to make a bomb in 4 mins.. Due to some reason, Siva takes up that assignment and that makes him travel to London. There the bomb blast occurs in which his wife Meena dies on the spot and he lose his eye sight. Then rest of the story is all about taking revenge upon the ones who are responsible for the bomb blast.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Being a character oriented artist, Vikram did extremely well. But due to lack of strong script and sluggish screenplay, the effort he put in has become a total waste.. Very matured performance by Anuskha..and her part can be considered as the best episode of this movie.. Santhanam appeared in few scenes and he simple rocked..Amy jackson wasted just like that.. I don’t know what for her she acted in this movie.. Very bad lip synchronization & acting.. Laksimi Rai’s role can be considered as a guest appearance in this movie.. Apart from these, N number of artists acted in this movie & all did their job well..

GV Prakash’s BGM was good,,, but songs were damn bad & not even one song impressed me..Nirav Shah’s camera work can be considered as a visual treat for the audience. It was so cool and perfect. I think editor Antony didn’t do the cutting and pasting work properly.. while editing, cant he realize few scenes(Church Piano Scenes and  father visiting hospital with kids) were repeating again and again????

If I am right, this movie is the first product of Vijay in which he didn’t copy/inspire from other language movies.. He tried to think something out of the box, but he failed miserably to make supporting & engaging screenplay..

General Analysis:

First half was damn slow,, It was like watching mega serial in a big screen(theater)..Second half was ok when compared to the first half.. But y so many songs in the second half??? that too one duet just before the climax???? It acted as a speed breaker and irritated the audience so much..

For the sake of 3 people, we can watch this movie once… they are none other than Vikram, Anuskha and Nirav Shah. But don’t forget to buy lot of popcorn, cool drinks etc.. before entering the cinema hall … People who don’t have patience and if you are forced to watch this movie, better take a pillow and go ..

Before I conclude my review, I would like to ask few questions to Dr Vijay:

  • How come ” SI gets promotion with Police Commissioner’s recommendation??”
  • Just like that Kenny kills many people and London police never cares about it, are they sleeping???
  • London press publish kenny’s pic in the front page of newspaper, but kenny roams inside London freely.. Does that mean ppl in London don’t read news paper??? 🙂
  • If sending flowchart to the terrorists living in London is the main motive, they could have sent the same via e-mail, why they copied in a pen-drive and send the same via courier???
  • In which star hotel, the glass wall will be transparent, so that everything that happens inside 4 glass walls can be viewed from outside(restaurant)????

Similar to this, I can ask ‘N’ number of questions to you…


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2 Responses to Thaandavam

  1. bala says:

    BILLA PADATHULA ITHEY MADIRI n raised to n questions ketakalam da mapla. idhellam kanduka kudathu

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