I personally like Director Mysskin very much, Be it chitiram pesiyadhadi or Anjatheay or Yutham Sei etc. everything had something unique and Mysskin’s trademark used to be there in all his previous movies. But in Mugamoodi, everything was totally missing. It almost looked like a debut director has made this movie. What went wrong ?? Read the full review and find out yourself 🙂

Story Analysis:

Anand a.k.a Bruce Lee (Jiiva) who is basically a jobless guy & his full time duty is to learn kung fu and keep fighting with someone in the streets. One fine day, he comes across Sakthi(Pooja), who is a daughter of police office Gaurav(Nasser). As usual lee falls in love with Sakthi @ the first sight.

Lee tries to impress sakthi in different ways. One fine night, he dresses himself in a kind of super man costume and goes to see Sakthi, during that process, a group of black color masked people do some robbery and try to escape from the police. Lee uses his martial arts and catch one of the black masked person.

There the problem starts between Lee and the leader of black masked people namely Anguchamy(Narian). The remaining story is the usual cat and mouse game between Lee and Anguchamy. With the usual climax(Hero Winning), the movie comes to an end.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Jiiva looked 10 years younger in this movie.,& he acted well. Looks like he has seriously practiced kung fu that made the fights look very natural. Debut actress Pooja Hegde appeared in a song and few scenes, other than that she has got nothing to do in this movie.

For a change Narain played the character of deadly Villain. In many places, it was very difficult to accept him as a villain(may be because of his heroic looks). No comments about Nasser, as usual he excelled the character of police Officer. All the remaining other people who acted in this movie, did their part well.

Excellent BGM and Songs by K. As usual Mayavi song removed from the movie in order to reduce the length. I am not sure about the editor, he should have edited some scenes (especially the chasing and running scenes.) and made it into crisp and clear.

Few lines about the director Mysskin, first of all congrats for thinking something out of the box and coming up with a super hero movie made with a limited budget in Kollywod. As usual, he should have concentrated more on story line as well.  His trademark scenes and punches were missing totally in this movie.

General Analysis:

First half was pakka commercial with 2 songs , humor, fight, romance etc.,, The entire problems started in the second half. In the second half, hero transforms himself into Mugamoodi(Super Hero) and plans to catch the Villain. After the transformation, the movie didn’t move, mugamoodi was forced to wear that super hero suit and give pose by standing on a tree or tall building like batman.

Usually in all the Mysskin’s movie, climax used to be the highlight, but in this movie, it was like forced climax. i.e Villain calling police and mugamoodi for a fight with some demands. That made the audience to feel bored and they almost started to get ready to leave the theater as soon as the climax fight gets over.

Over all, an average movie from Mysskin which can be watched once for the sake of hard work put in by Jiiva and commercial elements present in the first half.

My Rating:


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One Response to Mugamoodi

  1. agnipoorva says:

    Jiiva is a good actor…nice film i have seen 2 times…..

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