Billa 2

Initially when Billa 2 was launched with a news paper ad on Nov 5th 2012, the original Billa team was on board. I was happy about it. All of a sudden, slowly one by one started leaving,, and new members like Chakri Toleti, R.D Rajsekar, Parvathy omakuttan etc came on board.

There the initial problem started, when a well established Billa franchise director VishuVardhan got replaced by a new director who has no clue about what is Billa, what will people expect from Billa etc etc.. and how will the new director make a good prequel of Successful Billa???? As expected the end result is total disaster.Read the entire review to find-out what went wrong…


I am a die-hard Ajith fan, as of now I have watched the movie twice. But I am gonna consider myself as a neutral Tamil Cinema Lover for the next few mins and continue writing this review πŸ™‚

Story Analysis:

The story line is very simple, its all about how David Billa(Ajith) who comes from Srilanka to Tamil Nadu as a refugee, becomes the deadly underworld Don of the world.Β  Apart from this one liner, nothing can be mentioned as the story πŸ™‚

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Thala Ajith Played the lead role, as usual he tried to carry the entire movie on his shoulder. Due to weak script, Ajith’s hand work, screen presence, body language, eye language etc etc got wasted… Parvathy & Bruna played the female lead, to be frank both of them never had any scope to act.. they just walked here and there,, infact, no songs too for them…Supporting actors like krishna Kumar, Manoj K jayan and Ilavarasu did their part well.

Villains being imported from Bollywood namely Vidtyut Jamwal and Sudanshu Pandey looked handsome, but their acting was not good so as their voice recording and lip synchronization. Yuvan’s background score was good. And no comments about the songs… 2 hit songs namely en idhayam and gangster didn’t find a place in the movie.

R.D Rajsekar’s camera work can be considered as the second hero of the movie, it was mind blowing. Murugan’s dialogues were too good..Never expected this kind of editing from a well experienced editor Suresh urs..

Few lines about the culprit of the ship,,, oh sorry,, its captain of the ship Mr Chakri Toleti… his script was so weak and amateurish.. Don’t know how cum producer agreed to make a movie with this script…. He should always remember that script is the original hero, then comes Ajith or Vijay or Rajni etc… Hope he takes care of himself in the next project and comes up with a good movie.

General Analysis:

The movie started off well, but the the entire first half was too slow. To be frank, first half was much better than the tedious second half. Looks like they have taken the entire second half for granted and artificially attached with this movie. There was no link between the first half and the second half.

Dangerous mistakes made in the movie:

  • Why no Gangster and En Idhyam song in the movie??? Adding that would have given some commercial value to the movie….
  • There are ‘n’ number of logical flaws in this movie,, do you think, the people who come to theater and watch movies are fools??
  • Y so many languages in the second half?? U either put subtitles with wrong spelling or not putting any subtitles for other language dialogues…
  • A movie can be either made as Class/Art movie or Commercial/Mass movie,,, To which category Billa 2 belongs to???
  • Who asked u that belly dance song in the second half and wasted 5 mins???Β  Instead of that, Gangster song should have been placed there…
  • So Rehman played a guest role in Billa 2???? U should have given him some more scenes in the second half..Being a solid performer, he would have rocked along with Thala..

In-spite of Billa 2 having so many flaws, there is one man called ‘Thala’ who literally made a one man show in this movie,, for the sake of him, its worth watching once. Please enter the theater without any expectations, and you will love Thala but not the movie πŸ™‚

My Rating:


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  1. Ajith says:

    nice neutral review

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