Naan Ee

Without knowing the name of the director, i watched Telugu blockbuster movies like vikramarkudu, magadheera … During the audio release function of Naan Ee, i came to know that, this movie is directed by magadheera fame Mr Rajamouli… Just like everyone in the world, I was damn impressed with the trailer which was shown in all the theaters for the past 4 months.

No Mahesh Babu/Ravi Teja/Pawan kalyan/Nagarjuna in this movie,, after all it’s the house-fly who is the hero of this movie,, can a director make an interesting movie with a house-fly as a hero??? The answer is Yes.

Story Analysis:

Bindhu(Samantha) is a social worker, who collects fund from many people and takes care of poor & disabled people. While collecting funds, she comes across Sudeep who is a business man who happens to be a womanizer. Sudeep tries to correct Bindhu, but Bindhu has a soft corner for Nani who is her neighbour and finally she starts to love him. This makes Sudeep to kill Nani, followed by Nani taking rebirth as house-fly in order to take revenge and save Bindhu from Sudeep. The remaining story is all about the house-fly taking revenge and killing Sudeep.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Nani & Samantha made a good on screen pair,, their acting was great and they did their part well.. Sudeep played the role of dangerous villain,, but in many places ha managed to do some comedy with ease.. Other than these 3 people, kudos to the team who created the house-fly and took care of the visual effects..

Senthil Kumar’s camera work & Keeravani’s background score can be considered as the backbone of this movie. Though santhanam appeared in only one scene, he rocked in the end credits.. Hearty congratulations to Mr Rajamouli for thinking something out of the box and coming up with a neat & entertaining movie.We can consider this movie as a milestone of Indian Cinema.

General Analysis:

The movie started off slowly,, Nani taking rebirth as house-fly and CG scenes in the first half was bit dragging. But the second half was awesome. On the whole Naan Ee is a different experience which everyone should feel it without fail. I am damn sure that, this house-fly will remain in our heart forever. Close your eyes and go for this movie.


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One Response to Naan Ee

  1. ramesh says:

    the love story touched my heart

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