Karthi’s Siruthi was released 1 1/2 years back and it was a blockbuster hit..Karthi took such a long gap to release the next movie… This movie was supposed to be released in July first week,, but the producer had a plan to clash this Saguni with Ajith’s Billa-2… Is this movie worth releasing in 1150+ theaters or clashing with Billa-2(expected)???? The answer is gonna be big NO.

Story Analysis:

kamala kannan(Karthi) hails from karaikudi, he lives happily with his family members. Railway department plans to construct a railway subway which will cost kamal’s traditional home. In order to stop that happening, Kamal travels to Chennai tries to meet the railway minister and plead him to stop that subway project.

As soon he lands in Chennai, he faces lot of problems and lose all his money while trying to meet the railway minister. Fate makes him to meet Bhoopathi(Prakash Raj) who is the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and even CM doesn’t offer his help to Kamal. There the cat and mouse game starts between Kamal and Bhoopathi.

The remaining story is all about how Kamal uses Ramani akka(Radhika)(Idly shopkeeper) and Kotta srinivasan(Ex-CM) against Bhoopathi & finally safeguards his home @ karaikudi.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Karthi played the male lead, he tried his level best to carry the movie on his shoulder by acting well, dancing well etc.. But due to weak script and screenplay, the entire stage was took over by Santhanam. He can be considered as the real savior of this movie.

Pranitha played the female lead, she has got nothing to do in this movie other than dancing for songs and appearing in few scenes. Supporting cast like Nazzer, Prakash Raj, Radhika, Roja, Kiran etc.. did their part well. G.V Prakash’s songs didn’t make an appeal in the movie, Manasellam song alone was good and background score was below average. P.G Muthai’s camera work was good. Guest appearance by Andrea and Anuskha Shetty didn’t make any impact in the story/movie.

Inspite of having a strong star cast, debut director Sanakr Dayal missed to give a good movie due to weak storyline and screenplay. He should have concentrated more on story line apart from taking care of Santhanam’s comedy track alone. Hope he rectifies his mistakes in the next movie.

General Analysis:

Starting scenes are very important for any movie. But in Saguni, the first 10 mins followed by title card and a song made the audience to get bored. From Santhanam’s intro, the film tried to keep the momentum going, but it failed. Other than few scenes, the entire first half was a big bore.

Second half was full of shouting, election campaign,un-wanted songs etc..etc.. At certain point of time, audience lost their patience and they badly wanted the movie to come to an end, so that they can go home. With an expected climax, the movie came to an end 🙂

Few questions which can’t be answered even by the director of this movie:

  • In which city jail, the inmates are allowed to speak as they wish and Ex- CM shares the same cell of other public people???
  • How Kamal knows that the bomb has been planted in Kiran’s car ???
  • Sridevi rejects Kamal, but in the climax, from where she came to the railway station to meet kamal and go to karaikudi along with him ???

Like the above mentioned questions, there are many logic less holes in the story and screenplay. In-spite of having so many flaws, this movie can be watched once for the sake of one and only Mr. Santhanam 🙂


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2 Responses to Saguni

  1. காலம் காலமாக ஏமாறும் காக்காவுக்கு வடை கொடுககும் கார்த்தி ரசிகர்களுக்கு வைத்தார் ஆப்பு #சகுனி

  2. Santhosh says:

    veeda idikaama eppadi adi kal nattunaanga pa. and karthi was unknown of it even when santhanam went to that function…hilarious… to see tamil cinema going in wrong path (as like traditional telugu movies) with good actors…

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