Y this kolaveri di(director) ???? With this qn, i would like to start writing the review of this movie. Initially when the movie was launched, no one cared about the title, cast, crew and about movie,, then came the unexpected Tsunami namely ” why this kolaveri”. That particular song changed the fate of this movie. Huge expectations throughout India to see the movie as well as to see how is the WTK on big screen. Does the movie live up to the expectations????  The answer is strictly NO.

Story Analysis:

The movie starts off with a scene showing the dead body of Ram(Dhanush) followed by flashback scenes involving Ram(Dhanush) and Janani(Shruthi Hassan) that happened during 12th standard. As usual one fine day, Ram sees Janani and falls in love on the spot. He chases her in road, special coaching class etc and finally make her to love him. All goes on well till the school life gets over. Within a scene they show like college life too gets over. The problem starts when Janani plans to go to USA for higher studies along with her family members. But due to strong love, Janani stays back in India. After facing so many problems, she gets married with Ram. They both live in a separate flat. There ends the first half.

The second half is about the other side of Ram, who is a bi-polar disorder patient. Janani tries to find out how her husband was killed, is it a suicide or a murder or something else.. Later she comes to know that it’s a suicide. With that final cry the movie comes to an end.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Once again Psycho act by Dhanush, and it’s boring to see him in similar kind of movies in a row(Mayakkam Enna followed by 3). Shruthi Hassan played the female lead. In the entire school episode, she looks charm and acted well. It’s high time, she takes special acting class from her father and learn how to laugh and how to cry naturally. In so many places, it’s difficult to judge whether she is crying or laughing.

Sundar & Siva karthikeyan played as school/college friends. They acted very well and special applause to Siva Karthikeyan for rocking in all the scenes in which he appeared. Hope he does this kind of supporting roles in future apart from acting as hero. No comments about the music 🙂 But still, kannalazha and po ne po was equally good and better than Why this kolaveri di.. Background score should have done better.

Excellent cinematography, but the editor should have trimmed lot of scenes and made it crisp. As the movie is directed by Rajni’s daughter, biggies like Prabhu, Bhanu priya and Rohini made their presence felt in very few scenes.

General Analysis:

First half was racy and fun filled. Second half was total disaster. There was no connection between first half and the second half. It was like watching 2 different movies. Being a debut movie for Aishwarya Rajnikanth, can’t blame her too, She should have taken special care about the second half too.

As soon as the movie gets over, director says like ” Suicide is not the solution for bi-polar disorder..it can be cured by taking proper treatment and medication” . If that is the case, Why director didn’t show the same in movie too. If love is true, no one will run away( 180 movie) or kill(3 movie) in order to make the gal happy.

Reliable source says that Aricel offered 2.5 crores to promote their brand “Aircel 3g” in Y this kolaveri song. Y this cheap act director madam???? Aircel banners took the center of attraction in the entire song and it was shoot like a promotional song for Aircel 3g.

Ram and Janani gets married during night in a night club. Is the way of showing that Tamil cinema is going to the next level????:-) Don’t know how many controversies that particular scene gonna bring to the discussion.

One of the biggest flaw in the movie: In the scene before kolaveri song, Ram says ” Janani USA poga pora but ava solitu pora.. But indha kumaran sollama kollama vellai iku dubai poitan” But the next morning, kumaran will sleep with Ram in mottai maadi. How com this is possible???? Audience are not fools to watch everything that you show 🙂

The movie can be watched once for the sake of Ram-Janani school episode, scenes involving Siva Karthikeyan and songs. other than these, nothing is worth watching.


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5 Responses to 3

  1. nikhil says:

    common dude,danush can act only as a psycho or a cheap guy lik in adukalam(its good though)..it suits him bcos he is one:P do u want him carry of a sleek charac lik ghajini surya??? u will puke. only lungi n baniyan will suit him, try seein him in suit:P

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      @ Nikhil.. Acting as psycho suits him.. But he is acting in similar type of movies in a row.. That’s the point.. 🙂

  2. Rajkumar MJ says:

    U are absolutely right… ” Movie can be watched once for the sake of Ram-Janani school episode, scenes involving Siva Karthikeyan and songs. other than these, nothing is worth watching.”

  3. Vinesh says:

    Vanniaperumal, I have to disagree with some of ya reviews for some reasons. There are some parts in the movie which can be done better but still it is a good job done if you ask me even the the second part of the movie looks draggy. Put yourself in those lead characters when you are watching the movie, then you will learn more of those characters’.

    Perhaps, I would still give a 3.3/5 for the movie.

    p.s – Please don’t read other reviews before writing your own. Sorry for the critic buddy 🙂 Hope you will take it in a good manner and keep on writing a good review 🙂

  4. udhayaa says:

    Vanni: I too figured out this flaw..
    “Janani USA poga pora but ava solitu pora.. But indha kumaran sollama kollama vellai iku dubai poitan”..
    but then i thought that he would have told like..
    “kumaran sollama kollama vellai iku dubai poraan”..

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