First of all kudos to debut director Sathyasiva for thinking something out of the box and coming up with a gr8 movie. We should encourage these kind people in Tamil cinema industry. But it’s too early to judge the verdict of this movie. We have to wait and see how our Tamil cinema audience gonna treat this movie.

Story Analysis:

4 guys namely Sera(krishna), Nandu(Karunas), Shanmugam(Thambi Ramiah) and a mute guy work together as a dead body lifter in Kodaikannal suicide point.One fine day, when lifting a gal’s dead body, Sera comes across Kavi(Bindhu). Being an orphan, Sera doesn’t know the value of human emotions. At certain point of time, Kavi falls in love with Sera, though Sera rejects her initially, at later stage he too starts loving her.

Problem comes to these 4 guys in form of personal conflict between Ayya(Jayaprakash) and another tea estate manager. The remaining story is all about, how these guys face the problem caused by Ayya and what happens to Sera & Kavi ‘s love. With an emotional climax, the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

I personally felt, it’s a tailor-made role for Krishna. He simply stole the show, no one else could have done better than him. Debut actress Bindhu made her presence felt in the movie with her pleasing smile and as well as acting. The other supporting actors like Thambi Ramiah, Karunas, Jeya parkash etc.. did their part well.

Cinematographer Sathya can be considered as the backbone of the movie, his camera work was too good. Excellent Songs and BGM by Yuvan. Debut director Sathyasiva’s direction and screenplay was too good. I am sure, the director gonna go places, provided he thinks something different and unique.

General Analysis:

It’s just a 2 hours 7 mins movie, First half was fun-filled, the main story happens only in the second half. They should have trimmed the fight scenes in the climax. Other than that, everything was good. Over all, a decent movie to be watch out with friend/family and it’s our duty to support this kind of movies too 🙂 Don’t miss it…

My Rating:

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