Muppoludhum Un Karpanaigal

Muppoludhum Un karpanaigal(MUK) is one of the highly anticipated romantic thriller of 2012. Trailer was simply superb. After a decent outing in Bana Katadhi, Atharva is back to silver screen after a long gap. will this movie workout @ the box office in favor of Atharva? The answer is partially YES

Story Analysis:

Being a Psycho based romantic thriller, I don’t want to expose the suspense and the full story of the movie:-)

Ram(Atharva) belonging to a village & grown up by his mother. After he completes his Engineering, he moves to Chennai and join in a software company. As a part of Software writing competition, Ram goes to Bangalore and over there, he comes across Charu(Amala paul) as his project mate. Both stay in a same house. At a certain point of time, Ram falls in love with Charu, but Charu consider Ram as his close friend and nothing more than it.

One fine day, Ram makes a plan to propose Charu. But fate makes Charu to leave to USA without meeting Ram on that particular day. Charu gets engaged with USA based guy Vicky. The rest of the story is all about, what happens to Ram’s love? What makes him to behave like a man with psycho character? Who chased Charu and what’s their motive to kill her? As the story unfolds, we get answers for all these questions and with a positive note, the movie comes to an end.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

When compared to Bana kathadi, Atharva has improved a lot in acting, dancing, style etc.. The only area which he need to concentrate is voice modulation. Amala Paul played the female lead and she acted very well. Apart from these 2 lead people, jayaprakash played a prominent role and he did justice to the role given to him and so as Nazzar.

Santhanam took care of the comedy and it was lovely. His one liners acted as a comic relief through out the movie. For a movie like this, songs are unnecessary. GV Prakash’s back ground score was good. But other than sokupodi song, none of the songs impressed me. Kudos to debut director Elred kumar for thinking something out of the box and making such a wonderful movie.

General Analysis:

The movie started off well, 1st half was too good. 2nd half dragged a lot, especially the flashback scene was unnecessary. They should have shown the flashback in less than 2 mins and not 20 mins.

For a thriller movie like this, songs are unnecessary. It’s better they remove all the songs from the movie and use it for promotional purpose in TV channels.

The director artificially tried to push commercial elements into a thriller based movie, that’s the reason, songs, flashback and few comedies didn’t sync with the movie.

In-spite of so many flaws in screenplay, irritating songs and unwanted flashback, there was something good beyond the bad things mentioned above. So, it’s worth watching once without any hesitation.


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