kadhalil sodhapuvathu eppadi ?

Almost everyday, a new short film is being released in Youtube/Facebook and such kind of short films have their own audience. Last year, a short film named ” Kadhalil sodhapuvathu eppadi(KSY) directed by short film maker Balaji was released in Youtube and it was a huge hit. Following the success of short film, the same director has now tried to recreate the same magic in big screen by having prominent actor and actress. Does he succeed in making KSY as a 2:15 hours fun filled movie??? The answer is YES

Story Analysis:

Those who have watched the short film, the story is very much same with some additional characters added to make it as a commercial film.

Link for the Short Film(for those who haven’t seen)

For the other who haven’t seen the short film, the story line is very much simple and clear.” It’s all about how to mess-up in love”. It shows the various problems faced by the lovers/couples and how to solve all those problems created in Love.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

All most everyone acted well in this movie, especially after a long time Siddharth didn’t overact. Amala Paul suited as middle class family girl and almost lived as Paru throughout the movie. Thaman’s background score and paru song was lovely. I don’t need to say anything about Nirav Shah’s camera work. Director Balaji’s debut movie in silver screen, he simply rocked. Hope he makes colorful movie like KSY in future.

General Analysis:

First 15 mins was damn slow and irritating, it was like same scenes getting repeated again and again. And after that, the movie picked up and it was a fun filled ride till the end. Few scenes were simply superb, especially the restaurant scene in which hero and heroine fights without a proper reason.

On the whole, KSY is a colorful movie which should be watched by all the teenage ppl/college students/lovers/married ppl etc., without fail. I am very sure that all kind of people will like this movie, because the movie is based on universal language called “LOVE”

My Rating:

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2 Responses to kadhalil sodhapuvathu eppadi ?

  1. Santhosh says:

    I Loved this movie too.

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