Dhoni- The title speaks by itself. Yep, the movie is about a kid whose passion is towards cricket, But his father force him to study and score good marks.

Parents toil day and night and make money to put their children in one of the best school. They want their children will become a doctor or engineer or MBA graduate and earn more money. What happens when a kid is not interested in studies and his/her passion is towards something else like cricket/music etc? When such kids are forced to study, what are the problems faced by them?? This can be considered as the story line of this movie.

This movie says that current education system has lot of problems and it should be changed. They focused on various issues shown below

  • Why parents are being interviewed during their kids LKG admission?
  • Why do school force parents to buy A to Z school needs like books uniform shoes etc etc.. inside school campus?
  • Most of the schools concentrate on 100 % pass in 10th and 12th board exams, but they never take steps to make blow average students to score good marks in 10th/12th. Schools either send them out after 9th Standard or they make them fail in 9th Standard.
  • Most of the schools have a criteria like Parents should be a graduate, only then their kids will be given admission.

The above mentioned points are just examples which i noticed. Having given all the problems, the movie never talks about the solution for all these problems. They just say, soon education system will change. With that, the movie comes to an end.

Hats off to Prakash Raj for coming up with a great story line, but not executed properly. First half deals with the problems faced by students in school, so the second half should have discussed the various solutions. But that never happened, instead second half was like usual tamil cinema. Instead of crying throughout the second half, Prakash Raj should have done something in action.

On the whole, its a different attempt in Tamil Cinema. Can be seen once without any hesitation.

My Rating:

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