Marina can be considered as the debut movie for so many actors and technicians. To be more specific, it’s the debut movie for Vijay TV super star Shiva Karthikeyan. Marina is director Padiraj ‘s third venture after the successful Pasanga and critically acclaimed   Vamsam. As usual its a low budget movie released in less number of theater with huge per-release hype and expectations. Has the movie lived up-to the expectations? The answer is “NO”

Story Analysis:

The movie starts off with a scene in which a small boy elopes from a village and goes to Chennai to do some work and settle in Chennai. After walking throughout Chennai, he finds Marina beach as a better place to work for his daily piece of bread and stay during night at free of cost. As days pass by, he finds lot of friends in his age and as well as old age people.All of them live together as a family.

On the parallel track, Senthil Nathan(Shiva Karthikeyan) & Sopna Sundari(Oviya) love episode travels in an interesting manner. This track can be considered as the best part of the movie.

All of a sudden, the movie comes an end with a message ” Kids should go to school and study and they should not work as child labor ”

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Vijay TV fame Shiva Karhtikeyan made his debut in this movie. Being an experienced small screen compere, he managed to act very naturally. He looked cool and confident throughout the movie. Looks like he has a bright future in Indian Cinema. Oviya played the female lead, as usual she did her role well.

Apart from these two, many kids and some old men acted very naturally in this movie. Debut Cinematographer Vijay succeeded in showing the real Marina beach in front of us. Debut music director Girish’s re-recording was good. Other than Chennai anthem, none of the songs impressed me.

General Analysis:

I think Pandiraj tried to make another movie like Pasanga, but he failed miserably. He should have concentrated more on the story line rather than showing only the problems faced by kids @ the beach. Pasanga had more commercial aspects needed for a successful movie at box office, but Marina lacks those commercial aspects miserably.

If we remove (Shiva-Oviya) love track from the movie,then the rest of the movie will be like documentary movie about kids living at Marina beach. Lets hope Pandiraj takes care of story in his next venture.

On the whole, its a movie which can be watched once without any expectations. Don’t forget to take lot of popcorn and cool drinks when entering into theater because the movie will move in a slow paced manner.

Shiva Karthikeyan’s fans wont be disappointed. Go and enjoy his usual timing comedy/gesture/screen presence/dialogue delivery etc..

My Rating:

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One Response to Marina

  1. arun baskaran says:

    macha….just seen the film..noon show…the movie was very ok….it was damn slow….the only plus points was shiva oviya love track…which made this watchable once..or else..the movie is bad….

    nice review u have put up….my rating will be 1/5 stars

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