10 years back Run movie was released. At that time, people liked Run for its freshness, songs, comedy and single line story with an awesome screenplay. I think Lingusamy has tried to make a similar kind of movie in 2012 with 4 leading artists on board. Vettai trailer was launched in August 2011, and the trailer looked damn impressive. That created some kind of expectations and hype for this movie. As usual during audio release function, Vettai team spoke gr8 about the movie and created extra hype.

Initially it was slated for Diwali release, then it was shifted to December release and finally it has been released for Pongal. Does this movie live up to the expectations created by its own team members??? Definitely the answer is No. Read the entire review to find out what went wrong in Lingusamy’s multi starrer movie.

Story Analysis:

Gurumoorthy(Madhavan) and Tirumoorthy(Arya) are brothers. Right from childhood Guru is coward and he gets scared for everything. Guru always expects his brother’s help to face all the problems. Their father is a police officer, one fine day he departs from this world due to health issues. Government gives Police officer post to Guru and he accepts that post and become a Police Officer. Tiru helps Guru to solve all his problems. As days go on, Guru gets into problem with local villains like Annachi(Rana) and other one named Mari. The remaining movie is all about how Guru and Tiru join together and demolish all the villains living in that town.

On the other side, Vasanthi(Sameera Reddy) and Jayanthi(Amala paul) are sisters. Vasanthi gets married with Guru, during their marriage eve, Tiru falls in love with Jayanthi.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Other than Maddy, no one else could have done the role of coward police, kudos to Maddy for accepting this kind of role and coming out with brilliant performance. Arya looks cool and confident. Be it dance or stunt sequence, he simply rocked. After Vaaranam Ayiram, Sameera Reddy got a special character that suits her very much and Chinmayi’s voice added extra value to that character. I would say, this is the career best movie for Amala Paul.

Supporting artists like Nazzer, Thambi Ramiah, Rana etc… did their job well. Yuvan’s music was utter waste. Songs acted as speed breaker and background score had lot of Manaktha’s influence. Excellent camera work by Nirav Shah and editing by Antony was perfect.

In spite of having so many plus point mentioned above, there is only only minus point. Its Lingusamy’s fault to make a movie with out a proper story and engaging screenplay. Though the movie had few mind-blowing scenes, it can be enjoyed only in parts. Lets hope Lingusamy takes care of story and songs in the next movie.

General Analysis:

The movie started off with a typical Tamil cinema style scenes involving flash back of two brothers followed by hero’s intro song and that song was followed by heroine’s intro song. That means within the first 15 mins, two songs appeared.  Soon after that song, the film gets its momentum and as I mentioned early, songs appeared here and there and made movie bored.Second half was totally out of the phase. Especially the scenes involving foreign mappilai were unnecessary. With a typical Lingusamy movie’s climax fight, Vettai comes to an end.

Vettai is a movie which can be watched once without any expectations and its a must to ignore all the songs.

My Rating:

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