When 3 idiots was released, Me and my friends watched that movie on the day of release with a fully packed theater. We enjoyed each and every scene and whole theater was screaming like anything. As soon as I came out of theater of the movie, I just had one doubt in my mind. Can this movie be remade my in Tamil? If so, who will be the director & who will play the lead role?  When Nanban was launched, So many people including me were against this remake and so many made fun of Vijay playing Amir’s role. But now after watching Nanban, I would say “ Other than Vijay, no one else would have done justice to that role” Shocked to hear this statement??? Read the entire review to know how 3 idiots worked out in Tamil.

Story Analysis:

People who have already watched 3 idiots, kindly skip this part. It’s the same as the original version.

The film starts off with Venkat(Srikanth), Senthil(Jeeva) and Srivatsan(sathyan) travelling by a car to find out their friend Pari(Vijay) who is not in touch with any of his classmates. As the journey continues character Venkat speaks about his college life and his friends.

Pari is an outstanding student, who wishes to bring change in our educational system. That leads him to face so many problem with his principal Virumandi santhanam(Sathya Raj). Riya(Illeana) daughter of virus falls in love with Pari.

Senthil is a middle class student whose aim is to complete the studies and get placed in campus interview.

Venkat’s aim is to become a wild life photographer, but his parents force him to become an Engineer.

The remaining movie is all about, whether the dreams of Senthil and Venkat have come true? Why all of a sudden Pari disappeared after the convocation ceremony without telling any of his friends? How Senthil and Venkat manage to find Pari? What happens to Pari-Riya Love?

Cast and Crew Analysis:

It’s a challenge for Vijay to play Amir Khan’s role, but he acted very well. I would say, it’s the top class matured performance from Vijay. His body suits very well as a college student and no one else in Kollywood has the body to act as a college student. Hope he selects script like this and stay on top of the Box-Office.

Jeeva has a tailor-made role in this movie and he acted well. It’s a come back movie for Srikanth. Hope he acts in character oriented roles and stay alive in Kollywood.

Illeana played the female lead, she doesn’t deserve to be a part of this movie, be it acting, body language or voice modulation etc.. Ileana couldn’t pull the rabbit out of the hat. She should have been replaced with some other bubbly actress.

Supporting actors like Sathya Raj, Sathyan, S.J Suryah, Anuya acted very well. Vijay Tv fame Rinson made his debut in silver screen through this movie. I am sure he is gonna be seen in many movies.

Excellent camera work done by Manoj. Editor Antony should have cut here and there in the second half. After a long time, Harris Jeyaraj has given some good songs and background score. But I am not at all impressed by the way songs are choreographed. In how many more sankar movies, we gonna see road paintings/train paintings etc ??

Few words about he captain of the Ship Director Sankar… Hats off to him for remaking scene-by-scene and retaining the original feel of the movie. But the X factor of sankar movie is totally missing. I mean the richness, costly feel etc is missing..It needs guts to remake such a blockbuster movie from hindi and serve it to Tamil audience.

General Analysis:

People who haven’t watched 3 idiots can blindly go and watch this movie. I am sure you people will like the movie and come out of the theater with smiling face.

People who have already seen 3 idiots, kindly watch the movie without any comparison between Vijay-Amir or Illeana-Kareena etc.. Consider this movie as a fresh Tamil Movie and enjoy it.

My Rating:


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