When I watched Dabaang last year, I personally liked the movie coz of one man show by Salman. When the news came like it’s gonna be remade by Simbhu , I was literally shocked. The only hope which I had on Dabaang remake is director Dharani. I thought he will inspire from Dabaang and write his own screenplay and direct the movie in a way which will suit for TamilNadu commercial cinema audience. But Dharani instead of remaking, he just retook the movie by replacing the cast and crew members of the original version. What went wrong in Osthi??? Read the entire review and find out .

Story Analysis:

People who have already seen Dabaang, can ignore this story Analysis. The story is same as the original version.

Osthi Velan(Simbhu) is a corrupt local Inspector in Tirunelveli district, his part-time job is to steal black money from politicians and give it to public. He lives with his mother(Revathy). Velan has a step brother Balan(Jithan Ramesh) and step father(Nazzer). Daniel(Sonu Sood) a local politician Cum Boxer. Balan falls in love with Saranya Mohan. Velan falls in love with Neduvali(Richa), a village gal who is a pot maker. Situation makes Velan and Daniel to play the usual cat and mouse game. As usual hero kills the villan and the movie comes to an end.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Simbhu played the lead role. Though he acted well, he just imitated Salman in many places. He should have acted in his own style. Richa’s Debut Movie(But Mayakkam Enna released early), She just walked here and there and appeared in 3 songs. It’s a comeback movie for jithan Ramesh, I think he can start acting in character oriented movies instead of acting as Hero. Rest of the members like Revathy, Nazzar, VTV Ganesh, Thambi Ramiah, Santhanam & CO did their part well. Santhanam can be considered as the second hero of the movie. Day by day, he is getting better. Its time for Vadivelu and Vivek to go home.

I don’t have to say anyting about Thaman’s chart buster songs. But Choreography should have been better. Regarding background score, its heavily inspired from Original version. Gopinath’s camera work was good. Dharani’s X factor was completely missing in this movie and that can be considered as the biggest drawback of the movie.


  • Simbhu
  • Songs
  • Comedy by Santhanam & Co


  • Simbhu’s voice modulation in Tirunelveli Slang
  • Richa’s characterization ( Totally ripped off from the original version). They should have made some changes to suit the Tamil Nadu Audience.
  • They show that the story happens in Trirunelveli District, but the locations shown the movie doesn’t looks like Tirunelveli District.
  • Item number by Mallika Sharawath. ( She looked so sick and unfit to dance for an item number in a Tamil Movie. Local heroine should have been approached for that Kalasala song)
  • Sonu Sood should have been replaced by local villain like prakash Raj or someone else, so that the movie would have got some Tamil Smell.

General Analysis:

People who have already seen the original version can stay away from it, If you still wish to see Osthi, please watch the movie without comparing with the original version. Over all, Osthi is a time pass movie which can be watched once without having any kind of expectations. As they show in the trailer, don’t expect another Dhil, Dhool, Ghilli and enter the theater like me and get disappointed:-)

My Rating:

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