I don’t have time to write a review for this movie in my usual format:-) But still i will pen down all the points as short as possible..

Nadodigal gang is back with Poraali.. This movie was under production for more than a year. Regarding cast and crew, its the same group of ppl like sasi kumar, kanja karupu, swathi and telegu actor Naresh has joined in this group.

Regarding story, its very much clear and simple. The movie starts of with kumaran(sasi kumar) and his friend(Naresh) killing someone and leaving to Chennai. Their aim is to go to chennai and settle there by doing some decent job and live as they wish. They join in a petrol pump and do some side business. One fine day, a group of ppl chase kumaran and come to chennai. The remaining story is all about, who are those ppl? what they want from kumaran? does kumaran kill all them? With the answers for the above mentioned questions the movie comes to an end.


  • First half of the movie was extraordinary
  • Sasi kumar and naresh acting
  • Tempo of the movie


  • Flashback filled second half( 2 big flashbacks)
  • Songs and background score by Sundar C Babu
  • Climax – It should have been taken better

Over all a decent movie from Sasikumar and Co… Worth watching once for the sake of tempo maintained in the movie.. With some valid flash black and gripping story in the second half, poraali would have been one more nadodigal šŸ™‚



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