Mayakkam Enna

Best brothers of kollywood are back to silver screen after 5 years with Mayakkam Enna.  Expectations for this movie was very low until the songs were released, but after the audio launch due to the chart buster songs, expectations were at the peak. Hats off to Selva and his team for being active in Twitter and marketing movie to their target audience. Does the movie live up to the expectations??? The answer is “YES”.

Story Analysis:

Karthik Swaminathan (Dhanush) a photographer, his only aim in life is to become a wild life photographer. He & his sister lives with a group of friends. Sundar is a close friend of karthik. One fine day, Sundar brings his gal friend Yamini (Richa) to introduce his gang members. Right from day one, Karthik & Yamini keep on fighting but at a certain point of time, they both fall in love with each other.

The remaining story is about, how does Karthik marry his close friend’s gal friend?? An accident turns Karthik into Psycho.. Can he come back to his normal life and succeed in his career as a wild life photographer?? The answer to all these questions forms the second half of the movie.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

National award winner Dhanush simply rocked,, I think he acted better than KP karupu in Aadukalam. He might get one more national award for his tremendous acting. Debut actress Richa competed with Dhanush in every frame and she acted very well. No one will say that, this is her debut movie.

No words to describe GV Prakash’s music department. Be it songs or BGM(few ppl claim that he has copied from Hollywood), he simply stole the entire show. Like other movies, songs never acted as a speed breaker. In-fact they should have added Ennana seidhom song to the movie. Cinematographer Ramji can be considered as the backbone of this movie. His work behind the lens was too too good.  Kola Basker’s editing work was crisp and clear.

I don’t have anything to say about Selva’s direction. Definitely this movie is one of his master piece. It needs guts to take a movie like Mayakkam Enna in his own creative style and he has tried to take tamil cinema to the next level.


  • Dhanush
  • Richa
  • GV Prakash
  • Ramji
  • Interval Block Scene
  • Natural Acting by other supporting Artists
  • Selvaragavan


  • Few Scenes dragged in the second half

General Analysis:

Mayakkam Enna is not a family entertainer/masala movie/time pass movie. It’s a kind of sensible movie taken specially for sensible tamil cinema audience who are matured enough to accept such kind of scripts which are new to kollywood.

Other ppl (who prefers masala or time pass movies) kindly stay away from this movie. This movie is not for you. Please don’t watch this movie and comment about this movie as Psycho movie or Psycho director etc..

Mayakkam Enna = Short and Sweet Romantic First half + Emotional Second Half.

U can either like it or hate it..But you can’t ignore it just like that 🙂

Sensible audience pls do go and feel the movie without fail,, others, please wait for one more week,, Mass masala movie STR’s osthe is on the way 🙂

My Rating:



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2 Responses to Mayakkam Enna

  1. Deepak says:

    What a movie that was… highly emotional..

  2. Krish says:

    Richa is debutant only to Tamil… She acted 2 films in Telugu already…she z such a wonderful actress

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