Velayudham can be considered as the costliest Vijay movie ever made in Tamil Cinema and it has been under production for more than a year. Expectations were very high, since its releasing after the grand success of Kavalan and it’s the only movie released against the sci-fi movie 7am Arivu for this Diwali.

Story Analysis:

Velayudham(Vijay) an ordinary man who lives in a village along with his sweet little sister(Saranya Mohan). The only aim of Velu is make sure that his sister’s life is well settled in Chennai after her marriage. Velu along with his sister and cousin Vaidehi(Hansika) travel to Chennai to draw their money from a Chit Fund and buy all the necessary things for the marriage.

On the other side, Bharathi(Genelia) a T.V journalist tries to cover corruption activities happening in Chennai. During that process, bad guys chase Bharathi & her friends. Then they end up killing her 2 friends. Later those bad guys meet up with an accident and die on the spot. Bharathi witness that accident and create an imaginary character named Velayudham. She also writes a note that Velayudham killed those bad guys and he will continue killing people who are disturbing the peace of Chennai.

Fate makes Bharathi & Velu to meet each other, and she makes Velu to give life to the imaginary character created by her. Then the usual cat and mouse game starts between hero (Velayudham) and other villains (Home Minister & co). With an interesting climax and a powerful message, the movie comes to an end.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

After a long time, Vijay closed his mouth (w/o uttering Punch dialogues) and acted in a commercial masala movie. As usual, his dance, comic sense and acting were good. Though Genelia tried to act well, she partially succeeded in her task. Hansika played the role of village gal and she did her part well. Santhanam’s comedy track was too good and once again he has proved that he is the best in recent times.

Vijay Antony’s Background score and Music was good. Chillax and Molachu Moonu can be considered as the pick of the album. Director Raja proved that he is capable of making action movies too. Full credits should go to him for adding all kind of masala elements in a correct proposition. If any other director other than Raja directs the same movie, then Velayudham would have been yet another Sura or Vettaikaran.

General Analysis:

First half was racy and too good with some 3 songs and comedies. Second half was too slow when compared to the first half. Few scenes should have been eliminated in the second half in order to increase the speed of the movie. The climax scene resembled Anniyan film’s scene in which Anniyan appear in front of public people. Instead of hero killing villain in the climax, they have tried out something different in this movie and it worked out very well.

On the whole, Velayudham is a movie which can be seen with the entire family and it’s the best among the diwali release movies. Don’t miss this movie at any cause, because it’s difficult to see a silent Vijay in a commercial masala movie like velayudham 🙂

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 75 days

My Verdict: Hit

My Ratings:




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