7am Arivu

7am Arivu is the one of the movie which had very huge expectations right from the date of launch. Ghajini team is back to silver screen, naturally ppl will expect a better movie than Ghajini..But this 7am arivu cant even be compared with Ghajini..Though, its a different try in tamil cinema, the way Murugadoss handled the movie looked very kiddish,,,Cant even imagine, he is the one who directed movies like Ghajini, Ramana and Dheena..Read the entire review to find-out what went wrong…

Story Analysis:

The movie starts off with the history (16th century) of Bodidharma which is available in internet. I don’t have patience to re-narrate the entire history..Interested people please click this link(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bodhidharma) and read the history.

Followed by the history of Bodhidharma, the movie travels to 2011. Subha (Sruthi Hassan) a genetic engg student, who does a research on Bodhidharman. Her aim is to inject Bodhidharman’s DNA into Aravind(Surya), whose DNA matches with Bodhidharman’s DNA.

On the other side, Dong lee comes to Chennai from China in order to start the bio-war as well as to kill Subha who is interested to bring back Bodhidharman. The remaining movie is all about how Subha & co brings back Bodhidharman and stop the bio war.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

As usual Surya acted well, can’t blame him for the movie’s failure. Sruthi Hassan should go for a special coaching class to his father and learn how to act, very worst acting and voice modulation. Why can’t she ask some other person to dub for her??  The foreigner who acted as Dong Lee did his job well, but at the later stage, his repeated hypnotism made the audience to feel bored of it.

No words to describe Ravi K Chandran’s Camera work, it was cool and breezy. Music and Background score of Harris Jeyaraj was a big letdown.  Mr Harris, how many more years you gonna rehash your own tunes???  Please start composing new tunes in your future projects.

Director Murugadoss tried mix commercial elements with unknown history and make a blockbuster movie, but he failed miserably.  If the same movie has been made without commercial elements, then 7am arivu would have been a perfect documentary movie about Bodhidharman.

General Analysis:

First 15 mins was too too slow. Life of Bodhidharman was showed like a documentary movie. Director should have narrated the history within 5 minutes and moved on to the main story. Romance part was totally out of the phase and songs appeared here and there spoiled the essence of the movie. For the first time in the history of Tamilcinema, we can see Hero getting scared of Villain and running away from him.  The second half was easily predictable and the audience knew what is going to happen in the climax. They dragged the movie with unwanted scenes in the second half and with the predicted climax, the movie comes to an end.

The message of the movie is “all the ppl should know the history of south Indian people and in many places; there are scenes which focus the importance of Tamil and Tamil culture. If that is the case, why the hell character Subha (Sruthi Hassan) speaks tanglish throughout the movie. Even during that thesis presentation scene, she scolds others for not speaking in Tamil but she alone used so many English words in that scene.

Hypnotism, Bio-war, operation red, DNA etc., are few terms which can’t be understood by a laymen. I am sure, this movie will suffer a lot in B and C Centers.

This movie has also taught others, how not to market a movie. The way producer/director/actor spoke about the movie prior to the release, created such a high hype and expectations. That’s the reason of this movie’s failure.

A good movie should speak by itself, not the ones who are part of the movie. Let this movie be a lesson for other director/producer/actor who is thinking that their word of mouth about the movie will make the movie run. They should remember that word of mouth of the public people is the one needed for movie’s victory at the box office.

No of days of Successful Run: 20 days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:

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4 Responses to 7am Arivu

  1. Anonymous says:

    Agree with you…Was abused badly by Surya fans when I wrote in a film review site that the movie lacked logic basically in the plot itself and thereafter in many scenes..The problem is tamil fans take a review as something personal and retort back in a nasty personal way…Their psyche prevents them from disagreeing calmly and refuting back in a civil manner..Hopefully atleast in blog sites you have the opportunity to review comments before making them public..good job with review…Sorry for typing fake name and email id below…

  2. harish baabu says:

    It is a history movie of bodithama it is new record in world

  3. Dalith says:

    Mokkai… It’s a wrong historical and also scientificial cinema(UK)/movie(US)

  4. Dalith says:

    7 am arivu reminds the Dasavatharam…

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