Engeyum Eppodhum

Engeyum Eppodhum(EE) is the first movie produced by Famous Director A.R Murugadoss and Hollywood producer Fox Studios is entering into Kollywood through this movie. To be frank, this movie didn’t carry any pre-release as the movie is directed by a debut Director Saravanan. When people enter into theatre without any expectation, will they be satisfied with the movie when they come out of the theatre???? The answer is Strictly NO. Read the entire review to find out what went out wrong.

Story Analysis:

The movie starts off with Amudha (Ananya) coming to Chennai for an interview. As she is new to Chennai, she expects help from Gautham (Saravanand) to go to the interview spot. When they travel together, they fall in love with each other but they fail to express it. On the other side, Kadhireasan(Jai) and Anjali are neighbors in Trichy. As usual they both love each other.

Kadhireasan wants to take Anjali to his native place (Vilupuram).So both of them travel from Trichy to Vilupuram by Airbus & Gautham is one of the co-passenger who travels in the same bus. Amudha takes another Airbus from Chennai and travel to Trichy to confess her love to Gautham. Unfortunately both the bus bang each other on a National Highway and more than 40 people die on the spot. The remaining story is about what happens to the two couples. With so called emotional climax the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

The main 4 characters played by Jai, Anjali, Ananya and Saravanand. All of them gave their best and tried to compete with each other throughout the movie. Apart from these 4 main characters, many people used as supporting character in few scenes. Music composed by Sathya. Other than Govinda song and one more melody, none of the songs impressed me. Background score was dull and made the movie to look like megaserial in the second half.

Debut Director Saravanan should have concentrated more on story rather than focusing on other aspects of the movie. Screen Play was sluggish, I have never seen this kind of worst screen play in any movie. Inspite of working as assistant director under Murgadoss for many years, he failed to create the magic in his debut movie.

General Analysis:

As I mentioned early, only the love episode involving lead couples can be watched without any hesitation. Other than that, the remaining part of the movie was big bore. Towards the end, the movie totally went out of phase and the climax was very irritating. Towards the end(last 15 mins), I had the effect of seeing Simbhu’s Vaanam movie Climax.

Over all, it’s a kind of movie which can be skipped from watching in theatre. If you are so bored and don’t know what to do, then go and enjoy the first half and few scenes in the second half(till Climax)

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 20 days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:


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