By the time I post Mankatha Review, I am sure 60 % of the Tamil Cinema Audience might have seen the movie.. I know it’s too late, But I feel privileged to write something about my favorite Hero Thala Ajith..

Asal Movie was released on Feb 5th 2010. After seeing that movie, all the Ajith fans(Including Me) felt a lot for seeing Thala in such a hope less movie, that happened to be Thala’s 49th Movie.. Within couple of days, we got some good news that, Gautham Menon is gonna direct Ajith’s 50th movie.. But that news lasted only for few days.. Kireedam Fame Vijay and Vishnuvardhan were under consideration for the 50th Movie, as usual they too didn’t get the chance.

At last, Venkatprabhu roped in Thala for his next project. And Mankatha Teaser was released along with Naan Mahan Alla movie. Yet again Ajith Fans were not happy to see Ajith with Grey Hair and Fat Body.  With So many disappointments, Mankatha was started.

Entire Mankatha (Except Ajith) were active members of Twitter and Facebook. The way, they used to update latest news about Mankatha, created huge hype.. During the time of release, Dhayanidhi Alagiri couldn’t release the movie due to so many problems. Then Sun Pics and Radan came to rescue Mankatha and released on Aug 31 2011.

Inspite of facing so many problems and hype created through social networking sites, does the movie live up to the expectations??? Read the entire review and find out…

Story Analysis:

Arumuga Chettiar (Jayaprakash) is a local rowdy living in Mumbai, his main interest is to do lot of illegal business and gambling. During IPL Finals, Some people plan to bring 500 Crores of betting money to Mumbai through Arumuga Chettiar’s network. Sumanth(Vaibhav) works under Chettiar. Sumanth, along with 3 other friends device a plan to rob that betting money before it reaches Chettiar.

The other three friends are:

  • Prem(Premj) — Brilliant IIT Student
  • Ganesh(Ashwin) — Police Officer
  • Mahanth(Mahanth) — Bar Owner

On the other side, Vinayak Mahadevan (Ajith) suspended Police officer, keeps track of the 4 boys and comes to know about the entire plan of the robbery. Later Vinayak too join with them and they steal the entire 500 Crores and keep it in a warehouse. Prithivi(Arjun) is a police officer who investigates betting mafia related case. The second half is all about, how prithivi catches the entire 5 people and what happens to that 500 crores and who takes it finally. With some twist and turn, the movie comes to an end with a positive note.. And I don’t want to disclose the climax..

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Thala Ajith played the lead role along with ‘n’ number of Supporting artists. He simply rocked in every frame and fans gonna remember the character Vinayak forever. Action King Arjun did his part well, It’s gr8 to see a leading actor like Arjun being a part of another hero’s landmark movie. Hope this kind of combo appears in forth coming movies.

Trisha, Anjali, Lakshmi Rai and Andrea Played the female lead, they can proudly say that, they have acted in Ajith’s 50th Movie. All of them did their part well. I don’t need comment about Jayaprakash’s acting. Regarding 4 boys(Vaibhav, Premji, Ashwin and Mahanth), Premji and Vaibhav acted very well and made their presence felt in the movie. The other 2 guys just wandered here and there in the movie, they should have been replaced by some other well known matured guys.

Yuvan’s Backgroud score was good and regarding songs, other than Vilayadu Manaktha and Machi open the bottle, none of the songs impressed the Audience. He should have took special care of songs. Sakthi Saravanan’s camera work was good and he gave a different feel to the movie. Captain of the ship Mr Venkat prabhu, being an Ajith fan for more than a decade, he knows the audience pulse and came out with a lifetime memorable movie. It’s a perfect way to complete the Half Century. Hats off to vp for making Ajith to act, laugh, dance, scream, fight etc..etc.. after a long time.

General Analysis:

First Half was too slow. 2 Songs(Kanadi ne and Va da bin leda) acted as a speed breaker. They should have removed it, so that the length of the first half would have been reduced. No comments about the second half, It was too speed. Climax twist can be considered as the best part of the movie.

Pre-interval chess game scene was good as well as all the bike and car stunts rocked.Once the movie gets over, VP showed some bloopers which was shot during the shooting. That idea was innovative and it showed the other side of Thala Ajith during shooting.

On the whole, Manaktha is a comical action entertainer which can be seen more than once without any hesitation. Don’t miss Mankatha @ any cause,which is considered as Thala’s Landmark(50*) Movie. Please don’t leave the theatre without seeing that Bloopers which is shown along with end credits.

Expected No Days Of Successful Run: 100 Days

My Verdict: Blockbuster Hit

My Ratings:



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  1. selva says:

    Nice review. Was debating whether to go to the movie tonight.. Thanks!

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