Deiva Thirumagal

For the past few years, all the Vikram movies flopped badly… He badly need a hit to Sustain his Stardom in Kollywood. He has chosen a perfect script which will give him lot of scope to act as well as the theme of this movie is something new to Tamil Cinema. Right from the day the teaser of DTM was launched, It created huge expectations among all kind of people which includes ppl who rarely watch movies too. Does it satisfy all the expectations created  prior to release of the movie??? Read out the entire review and find out yourself…

Story Analysis:

Krishna(Vikram) a mentally affected guy who has the mindset of 5 year old kid works in a chocolate Company located near Ooty. Banumathi, a daughter of an Industrialist, falls in love with Krishna and get married. When giving birth to her baby(Nila), Banumathi lose her life and departs from this world. Krishna along with his local friends,take care of Nila and life moves on.

When Nila starts going to school, various problem arises and Nila depends on Swetha,(Amala Paul) for doing well in her studies and extra-curricular activities. At a certain point of time, when swetha sees Krishna during a function in school, She re-collects the flash black and comes to know that Nila is none other than her own sister’s(Banumathi) daughter.

In order to save Nila from Krishna, Swetha takes Nila along with her to chennai. While Coming to Chennai, they push Krishna out of the car. The remaining story is all about how Krishna gets the help of lawyer Anu Radha(Anuskha)  and fight legally to get his daughter back into his life. With a superb court scene, the movie comes to an end.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

VIkram played the male lead, he almost lived as a mentally affected man with 5 years old mindset. If everything goes on well, one more National Award is waiting for Vikram. For a change, glamours Anuskha played the role of a lawyer and she acted well too. Child artist Sara played an important character in this movie and acted very well, in many scenes she gave very tough competition to Vikram. Santhanam took care of the comdey gave us some comical relief in the second half. Other actors like Nazar, M.S Baskar, Amala Paul etc., did their part well.

G.V Prakash provided apt music and back ground score for this movie, he simply rocked. The man behind the lens, Nirav Shah did an excellent work and made the movie look so lovely. Editor Antony should have trimmed few scenes in the first half, so that it wouldn’t look like mega serial in the first half. This is director Vijay’s 4th Movie. He has the talent to direct a class cum commercial movie. Expecting more these kind of quality movies from Director Vijay.

General Analysis:

As I mentioned early, First half was too slow and it looked like mega serial. But the second half was terrific. The climax court scene will always remain in our heart forever.

For the people who have already seen the original version I Am Sam, kindly forget that movie and see DTM as a fresh tamil movie, only then you will enjoy the movie. Please don’t compare DTM with I am Sam.

Over all DTM is a movie which can be seen with entire family members and enjoy the feel of the movie. AS usual, masala movie lovers kindly stay away from this movie. This is not another Dhool or Saamy..DTM is gonna rule the A center Box-Office. But the success in other centers purely depend on , how the people treat this meaningful movie.

My Verdict: Super Hit

Expected No of Days Of Successful  Run: 75 Days

My Ratings:

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4 Responses to Deiva Thirumagal

  1. Arun Baskaran says:

    Too good a review macha. Movie was awesome and especially the court scene!!! unforgettable for a lifetime…..SARA beats Vikram in acting department!!!!..Both shd get the national award!!!….

  2. basha says:

    its 1 of d best movie i’ve seen ever… wow really a great movie… no one can cntrl tears, nt 1ly n climax bt also n mre other scenes… Vijay, vikran and dat little girl nila should be awarded…

  3. I don’t think so vikram will get the national award for this flim. They just copied the english movie, I’m not comparing the story. Comparing only the acting.

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