After receiving the National Award, Dhanush is back with Venghai. This movie was supposed to be released by Sun Pics,, but due to political changes, the producer himself released the movie without any promotion. More over Dhanush almost lived with Sun pics for the past 3 years. This movie’s result will show the exact box-office status of Dhanush. Hari directed this movie. So how it’s gonna be different from his previous movies like singham, saamy, vel etc??? Read and Find out !..

Story Analysis:

The entire story happens in Padiapuram. Veerapandi(Raj kiran) is the land lord of the village and Selvam(Dhanush) is his Son, who is an angry young man. Entire people of the village respect Veerapandi consider him as God. Local politician Rajalingam becomes MLA under the influence of Veerapandi. As usual Rajalingam wants to make money using his MLA post, but Veerapandi won’t allow Rajalingam to misuse his power. There the conflict arises between Veerapandi and Rajalingam. The second half is the usual cat and mouse game played between Selvam and Rajalingam. As usual, the hero wins in the climax fight and movie comes to an end. Regarding Radhika(Tamanna), she just appears in the name of heroine, sings duet with hero and brings so called sentimental twist in the movie.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Dhanush played the male lead, When compared to his previous movie like Aadukalam, Pudhupetti etc., the performance in Venghai was not up to the mark. I felt, Dhanush underplayed in many scenes. I don’t need to say anything about RajKiran and Prakash Raj. Both acted very well.

Tamanna played the female lead. She appeared in typical Hari movie costumes like half saree, saree and colurful chidhar. To be frank, such costumes didn’t suit her. It’s high time, Hari don’t choose Modern actress like Tamanna and make them look ugly on screen and make their fans feel sad. Inspite of being a mass masala movie, Tamanna made her presence felt on screen in many places. Apart from the main lead, like other Hari’s movie, star cast included many people like uurvasi, Uma padmanaban, paravi muniya amma etc.,

Kanja Karupu took care of so called Comedy…Except few comedy scenes, others were either Mokka or remake of Vadivelu comedies.. Devi Sri Prassad spoiled the entire mood of the movie. None of the song was good and so as background score. It’s high time, he stops remaking his own tunes. Audience are not fools to listen to same type of songs for the past 5 years.

Regarding Hari’s direction, can’t find any fault in his direction. The speed in which every shot moved in second half was terrific.. He should have concentrated more on story Line then depending purely on screenplay.

General Analysis:

First half was too slow, Second half was too fast. Songs interpreted in many places and reduced the pace of the movie. Over all, it’s a movie which can be seen once by ignoring songs and comedies.

How many more years, Hari gonna make a movie in a same pattern???? It’s high time he change himself and try something new,, or atleast change the location of the movie from village side to city side and change the costumes of the actors/actress:-) Right from Tamizh we are seeing the same in all Hari’s movie.

Expected No Of Days Of Successful Run: 40 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Rating:


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One Response to Venghai

  1. santhosh says:

    there must be rule in cinema industry to limit directors to do same kind of movie over years. How many years we need to see movies with pannaiyaar,panniyaar magan in love with villain daughter, climax fight with hero winning etc etc….

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