Siddharth comes back to kollywood after a gap of 6 years. According to me, this is the first movie which used Social Networking sites for promotional activities. As the result, many people were aware of the entire happenings of 180 movie right from the day it’s logo was launched. Trailers were brilliant. Promos were too good. All these things created  lot of expectations among younger generation people. But the final output couldn’t meet up the expectations.

Story Analysis:

Ajay Kumar a.k.a AJ(Siddhu) is a doctor by profession who works in USA. Renu(Priya Anand) is a tamil girl working in USA. she meets up with an accident and  gets admitted in a hospital where AJ is working. As usual AJ takes care of Renu during the treatment. As usual they both fall in love and get married. One fine day, they do a medical test for applying health insurance. The medical test’s result stats that AJ has cancer and he will die in 6 months(6*30=180 days). AJ’s only desire is to stay away from Renu, so that she will be happy after his death. As the result without telling to Renu, Ajay takes flight goes to Chennai.

AJ rents a house and live in chennai for 6 months. During his stay in Chennai, he comes across Vidhya(Nithya Menon) ,a photo journalist by profession. As usual Vidhya falls in love with AJ and proposes him. Without telling any answer to her, he try to leave Chennai but all of a sudden, Vidhya meets up with an accident and fate makes AJ to take care of Vidhya. In order to give treatment AJ takes Vidhya to USA. The remaining story is all about the decision taken by AJ to make his (wife & Vidhya) live happy forever.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

It’s gr8 to see Siddhu back in Tamil cinema after so many years. He has turned into a matured actor. Especially in the second half, his acting was brilliant. Priya Anand and Nithya Menon played the female lead. They both made their presence felt on screen and they acted well. Mouli and Geetha played the role of house owner made their impact on screen, though they both appeared for few scenes.

Sharreth handled the Music. All the songs sounded similar, but Rules kidayathu was good. Regarding BGM, it was just Ok, he could have done better. I am not sure about the name of the Cinematographer. His work was too good and added more color to the movie. Editor Kishore tried his level best to make the movie travel fast, but due to Improper story, he couldn’t do it.The director of the movie is Jeyendra, which is his debut movie. He should have concentrated more on story. But he failed to do it.

General Analysis:

First half was Ok, with some comedies and Rules Kidayathu Song. But the second half was bad. I think the director didn’t know what to do in the Second half. It was like seeing Mega serial. And towards the climax, there was lot of confusion going on and the movie came to an end with an irritating climax.

The director had an answer for the climax through his own dialogue in the movie… it goes like ” Saavu eppo venumunalum varalam, sagurathi pathi enaku bayam illa.. netriya pathi yosanium illa,, naalaya patthi kavalayum illa…” But the director didn’t use it.

Death can come to anyone at any time. Don’t know whether we will be alive tomorrow. If this is the case, there is no point of leaving wife alone and going somewhere and speaking dialogue like, only for her happiness I am staying away from her.. If it’s true love, no one will leave his wife and go some where:-) Similar to this qn, the director has given us a chance to ask ‘N’ number of questions when we leave theatre.

Over all, 180 is a movie which can be seen once, if you like siddhu. Others, please skip this movie.

Expected No Days Of Successful Run: 20 Days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:

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