Avan Ivan

Avan Ivan is the only Bala’s movie which has been released within 2 years from the day on which the movie was launched… This time, Bala has tried something new to deliver a commercial multi-starrer entertainer…. Does he succeed in his task??? The answer is gonna be “No”. Read the entire post to know what exactly went wrong in Avan Ivan.

Story Analysis:

I think, we have to use a telescope to find out the story of this movie..For the sake of having a climax, Bala created a match box size story in the second half …

Walter(Vishal) and Kumbuderan Saamy(Arya) are brothers. Both have common father, but different mothers. Walter has the characteristics of a transgender person, he is very much interested to become a stage show actor where as K.A is a thief. Both the brothers fight against each other, but still they have some soft corner for each other.

Hyness(G.M kumar) is a respectable man of the town and he considers both the brothers as his own sons. Walter and K.A will do anything for the sake of Hyness. All of a sudden, a villain jumps from sky in form of cattle smuggler. Hyness catch R.K red handed and hand over him to police. As usual, R.k comes out of Jail and Kill Hyness. The remaining story is all about, how both the brothers join and kill R.K.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Vishal and Arya played the lead role. But to be honest, it’s Vishal who dominated in the entire movie. He acted very well,, and proved that he can perform character oriented roles in future. Regarding Arya, his performance was good. But it was like seeing yet another Pithamagan Surya. Both the characters resembled a lot.

Ambika and Jayaprabha played the mother roles very effectively. Janani and madhu shalini played the female lead and they didn’t have any scope to act other than walking here and there in few scenes. G.M Kumar played the role of a king(Jameen) and his performance was top class.

Yuvan handled the music department.  Background score was ok. Though Yuvan composed few songs for this movie,only 2 songs have been used in this movie. Authur Wilson’s camera work was perfect. I don’t know the name of the editor of this movie, he should have trimmed the length of few scenes in the second half.

I don’t need to tell anything about Bala’s direction. As usual he derived the best from all the actors but failed in penning down the script properly

General Analysis:

First half was good with some good comedies of Arya & Vishal…If the entire first half contains only comedy, then its’ something wrong…. Once the second half started, I was looking for the story to begin. But, second half was similar to the first half. In the last 20 mins, Bala showed something in the name of story followed by a violence filled climax.

Guest appearance by Surya was not needed, but he came and marketed Agaram Foundations through this movie. But the vishal’s stage performance during that meeting will stay in our heart forever.

Inspite of having 2 super stars in hands, he wasted them by not giving importance to the script. I think, without any script in his hands, he tried to make a multi-starrer movie and make it run for the sake of 2 stars. But he failed miserably.

Over all, it’s a movie which can be enjoyed in parts. It’s worth watching in theatre for the sake of Vishal and Arya. Please don’t enter into theatre with a mindset that, you gonna watch a Bala movie. Go with zero expectations, enjoy the movie and come out of the theatre.

Expected No of Days of Successful Run: 40 Days

My Verdict: Above Average

My Ratings:

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