Engeyum Kadhal

Engeyum Kaadhal is yet another so called quality romantic flick from Sun Pics, directed by Prabhu Deva. Songs tuned by Harris Jeyaraj was huge hit right from the day it was launched by Sony Music.But without proper story,screenplay etc., all the songs were placed here and there and just wasted it.. What went wrong in this movie? Read and the entire review shown below..

Story Analysis:

Kamal(Jeyam Ravi) is an Entrepreneur who works hard for 11 months and spend his last month of the year in some foreign country. He doesn’t believe in love and his motto of life is “No love–No Disappointments–No one gets hurt”. He visit Paris for a vacation. Kayal(Hansika Motawani) is a music college student living in Paris along with his father Suman(a Detective Agent). As usual she falls in love with Kamal @ the first sight. They both spend time with each other, and when Kamal leaves back to India, Kayal proposes him by giving a happy journey greeting card but he never bothers to read the full greeting card. There ends the first half.

The second half is all about how Kamal and Kayal meet each other during the next vacation? What all pranks Kayal plays to change Kamal’s Mind?How they Join together after that hopeless worst climax? :-)Answer for all the questions can be seen in the second half.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Seeing Jeyam Ravi as lover boy is not something new, as usual he acted well and for a change, he danced well too 🙂 Hansika played the female lead and this is her debut movie. Her lip synchronization was very worst,but still she was a perfect match for that Kayal’s character and the chemistry between the lead couples looked good.

Raju Sundaram took care of the co called comedy part.Expect few comical scenes , all other scenes just irritated the audience.Suman played the role of a funny father.Harris Jeyaraj and Nirav Shah can be considered as the hero of this movie. They are the one who made the movie watchable at-least once for the sake of songs and beautiful camera work in and around Paris.

Editor Antony tried his level best to cut the movie as much as possible but still 2 hours 10 mins movie looked like 3 hours mega serial with some songs placed in between 🙂 Better Prabhu Deva, stops direction and goes back to dance master work. The movie looked silly without a story and screenplay. He should remember that audience won’t accept a movie for the sake of songs alone 🙂

General Analysis:

The movie started off with EK theme song, and Prabhu Deva danced for it.. But he looked so sick and wasted the essence of that romantic number…First half was slow as well as second half too..

As there was no story in this movie,I think prabhu deva placed songs here and there to drag the movie till climax. All songs were wasted Just like that. Harris Jeyaraj Romba pavam .. Kasta pattu potta pattu epadi waste panitar Prabhu Deva 🙂 Climax was the worst part of the movie. He tried out something different, but it turned out into funny side 🙂

On the whole EK can be seen by romantic persons and lovers with their respective bf/gf and enjoy so called romantic feel of the movie. Regarding others, just see all the songs alone in Internet or Sun Music:-) It’s not worth downloading the entire movie:-)

Engeyum Kaadhal = Beautiful(Songs,location,Hansika,Jeyam Ravi) & Worst(Story,Screen Play and plot of the movie) 🙂

Expected Days of Successful Run:20 Days

My Verdict: Below Average

My Ratings:

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One Response to Engeyum Kadhal

  1. Berlin says:

    climaxla dove pinnala odi poilam lovera kandupidukurathu romba comedyah irunthuchu .. Neenga solra matiri Photographyum songsmtan tan padathoda periya pluspoint….mithapadi just a waste story…

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