Last week i got a chance to see the original version of vaanam named Vedam. After watching that movie, i had a slight confusion in my mind like, will this movie workout with Tamil audience? Are Tamil audience matured enough to accept a movie with multiple heros? Will they accept the climax, if hero dies when fighting against evil? The answer for all the above questions will decide the vaanam’s box office result:-)

Story Analysis:

There are 5 stories in this movie, which joins together in the climax.

Cable Raja(Simbhu) is a local cable TV operator. His only aim is to love a rich gal and marry her so that he too will become rich. As usual he finds a rich gal and fall in love with her and pretend as a rich business tycoon in front of her. One fine day, she asks Raja to buy couple of pass for new year party celebration. The rate of the pass will be around 40,000 Rupees. Being poor he can’t afford that much of money. Raja along with santhanam plan to steal gold ornaments from others and make money out of it. But they finally end up landing in police station and followed by hospital.

Bharath is a pop singer. His only aim is to perform in-front of huge audience during new year eve. As the result he and other friends take the journey to chennai by car. Due to small accident, they end up landing in hospital in order to help a pregnant lady.

Saroja(Anuskha) is a commercial sex worker. She works in Andhra-Pradesh. In order to make more money, she and her friend come to chennai in order to start a new company. But they end up landing in police station. Later they both get trapped by another gang. when trying to escape from them, saroja’s friend gets hurt by the rowdies. As the result they both rush to hospital.

Rahim(Prakash Raj) and Zara(Sonia Agarwal) who lose their twin babies during a fight between Hindu and Muslim in Coimbatore. Rahim’s brother witness the fight and he goes to chennai. Rahim along with Zara goes to chennai to find out his brother. But fate make Rahim to get into police custody and finally end up landing in hospital.

Lakshmi(Saranya) and her father in law involve themselves in weaving and they take a loan from local financier(Kadhal Thandapani). But they fail to payback the money in stipulated time. So the local financier take lakshmi’s son with him and use his as a child labor. In order to pay back the money and get back his son, Lakshmi and her father in law decides to go to Chennai and donate the kidney and make money out of it. So they both finally end up landing in hospital.

Almost all the character’s assemble in hospital. With some sudden twist in the story, a tragedy happens. Most of the people lose their lives. The remaining story is about how, Rahim, Raja, Bharath etc., save the life of public people who are staying in hospital, and what happens to all of them.

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Yet again, a powerful performance by Simbhu. Be it comedy or emotional scene, he acted in a very matured way and won lot of applause from the audience. Bharath made a strong come back with a decent acting. Anuskha’s acting was so natural and brilliant, hats off to her for boldly acting in roles like this.

I don’t need to say anything about Prakash Raj, as usual he almost lived as Rahim bai. Regarding Sonia Agarwal, Jasmine and Vega, though they appear for few scenes, they did their part very well. VTV Ganesh and Santhanam took special care of the comedy. Few one line comedies were too good.

Again Yuvan-Simbhu combo worked out very well. Even di unna pethan and no money no honey song rocked the theatre. Background score was good. Nirav Shah, as usual did a gr8 job behind the camera by showing some kind of differentiation in all the 5 stories. Editor Antony did a gr8 work with his scissors. His editing made the movie very crispy and clear especially in the 2nd half.

Finally the director of Vaanam Mr krish should be appreciated for making a movie which has 5 different stories travelling in different places and bringing them together in the climax using his screen-play.well done krish!..

General Analysis:

First half was very slow. The continuity was missing throughout the first half. Second half was power packed, and last 20 mins inside the hospital was terrific. Though No Money No Honey song was not there in original version, that song was placed in Tamil version to add some more flavor to the movie. Even di unna pethan looked like another loose pennea:-) In order to give more importance to Simbhu, they killed Simbhu and retained Bharath in the climax fight:-) which looked very artificial 🙂

Don’t expect vaanam to be another masala movie or mass entertainer. Without any expectations, do visit the theatre and get the feel of the movie and enjoy it. Over all, it’s a decent movie which can be seen definitely once.

My Verdict: Above Average

Expected Days Of Successful Run: 60 Days

My Ratings: 

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7 Responses to Vaanam

  1. Though the film’s review rating could be 3, but I give your rating 5/5 !

    Is there any specific reason behind Hospital being marked as Bold

  2. Though the film’s review rating be 3, but I give your Review, a rating of 5/5 !

    Is there any specific reason behind the word Hospital being marked as Bold

    • vanniaperumal s says:

      U giving marks for my review 🙂 Regarding the importance of Hospital .. Do go and see it … I don’t want to break the suspense 🙂

  3. chandran says:

    dai padam kodura mokka da

    simbu unnecessary teasing vijay surya and dhanush in the movie
    in this movie low cheap dialogue like:nayanthara bit.

    he want to enterain a ajith fans teasing other actor

    b and c center confirm out ithu vera 60 days pokuma sema comedy par nee,i felt irrating to see this film.

  4. Deepak says:

    Really love the movie! that was an awesome narration of money need and usage in various parts of life!

  5. pasupathi says:

    I too rate iaperumals review for 5/5..very good analysis iaperumal..keep it up and up.. silambarasan’s acting during climax seens are georgeous. no doubt about his comedy and dance performances too.. as someone pointing out, it is shocking to see that
    he is teasing other actors..this time he directly pointed out the names of dhanush and nayanthara as well.
    Simbhu you have all talents and you are a gifted person for tamil film industry. but please please stop teasing other actors and apolgise as well..

  6. Berlin says:

    some scenes in the films seems to be artificial..could have avoided that ..

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