Following the success of movies like Vinnaithandi Vaaruvaya, Boss engira Baskaran, Myyna, Madrasapatinam… Red Gaint Movies is back with much expected movie of this summer named “Ko”. First of all my hearty congratulation to K.V Anand for directing a realistic movie. K.V.A’s previous movie Ayan was a blockbuster hit of the year 2009. And now Ko will be a blockbuster hit of the year 2011.

Story Analysis:

Ashwin(Jeeva), a press photographer who involves himself very much into his duty gets applause from his office members. Saro(Pia) and Renuka(Karthiga) works in the same office of Ashwin. As usual Renuka and Ashwin fall in love at first sight and romance part comes to an end.

On the track, the entire movie is about politics. As the state assembly election falls shortly, the ruling party lead by Yogeswaran(prakash Raj) and opposition party lead by Alavandhan(Kotta Srinivasan). As usual they both attack each other during the election campaign. Taking that as an advantage, the media people indirectly support for the third party consisting of well educated people who are standing in election. The leader of the well educated 3rd party is Vasanthan(Ajmal). His only aim is to bring some changes in the society and make the educated people to rule Tamilnadu.

During an election campaign, a bomb blast occurs. As the result of it, many people lose their life on the spot, which includes saro too. That bomb blast gains sympathy for the 3 rd party and they win the election and vasanthan becomes the Chief Minister.

But Ashwin suspects 3 persons behind the bomb blast and he badly want to take revenge on them as they have killed saro. The remaining story is all about how Ashwin find out the culprits and take revenge on them. With some twist and turns, the movie comes to an end.

(Note: As per the request of many people, I didn’t reveal the entire story 🙂 )

Cast & Crew Analysis:

Jeeva played the male lead. OMG, what a powerful performance. Full credit goes to K.V.A for giving us new Jeeva. I am sure his character(press photographer) will stay in our heart forever. Karthiga played the female lead. Though this is her debut movie, she acted very well and her screen presence was good. Pia played the role of supporting actress. She acted very well and made the audience to laugh in the entire first half.

Ajmal played the role of innocent politician. And its a gr8 come back for him after Anjatheay. As usual prakash Raj and Kota Srinivasan acted very well. And it’s a cake walk for them to act as baddies. I am not sure about the name of the cinematographer, But that guy did a gr8 job behind the camera. Be it song or fight, camera work was brilliant.

No words to describe Harris Jeyaraj’s music and background score. It was perfect. Enamo Edho song will be played in all the T.V channels for the next 2 years. Antony did his part well and trimmed the movie as much as possible and made the movie to travel very fast.

Finally, few words about the captain of the Ship Mr K.V Anand. Full marks to him, for making script as the hero and get the best from all the actors/actress. Without K.V.A, a movie like Ko is not at all possible. And wishes to him for continuously giving 3 hits in a row.

General Analysis:

First half was fun-filled with some 3 songs and comedy. Second half was all about the main story and thrilling message filled climax. The movie ran for almost 2.45 hours, but I didn’t feel the length of the movie. That shows the magic of K.V.A’s screen play.

Kudos to K.V.A for bringing in stars like surya,karthi,Bharath,Jeyam Ravi,Siva,Tamanna, Manisha Koirala etc., in Aga Naga song and making them to shake their legs along with Jeeva. This is something new in tamil cinema. Had the effect of seeing celeb’s mixed song which appeared in SRK’s Om shanti Om.

This movie should have been released couple of months before the tamil nadu elections, then it should have made some ripples in the mind of well educated people 🙂

Ko is a perfect meaningful entertainer which can be seen by 6 years old kid to 90 years old adult. To put in one word, Go & C KO W/O Fail 🙂

Expected No of Days Of Successful Run: 100 Days

My Verdict: Super Hit

My Ratings:

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3 Responses to KO

  1. sunder says:

    ko kodura mokka padam.poor copy of english movie’state of play……

    there are so many mokka scene and mokka double meaning like sona political diagoue.

    first fifteen min is good

  2. chandran says:

    ay kind ah movie.

    As usual over hype in Tamil cinema


    The twists are good.

    Some scenes lacked sense.(In fact nonsense)

    Oru thadava paakalam….

  3. imran says:

    is it Manisha in the Aga Naga Song

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