Sachin’s Century Myth

It’s a strong belief that, when sachin hits a century then India will lose the match.. The same problem continues in IPL too… Last night Mumbai played against Kochi…. Sachin played brilliantly and made the ball to fly in all possible direction and scored a ton. But McCullam  and jayawardenea batted very well and shattered the dreams of Mumbai players winning in their home ground…

I have made some comical way to win the match when sachin is playing the opponent team and its shown below….

To win the match when Sachin is playing in the opponent team –>

1) Drop all the catches when he hits the ball high
2) When he runs between the wicket, just allow him to run as he wish and don’t try to run out him
3) Put no ball and make him to face many free hits

Make sure that sachin cross 100 Runs.once he lifts the bat after hitting century,then naturally Sachin’s team won’t win the match 🙂

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2 Responses to Sachin’s Century Myth

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  2. I desperately need DISLIKE button…… this is loads and loads of BS..

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